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12/11/12 12:05 A

I have started a strictly water fast, I'm officially in day 2 of my fast. Not sure how long I will keep it up, ideally 14-21 days, but just taking one day at a time. After trying almost all the weight loss products available out there, and having done 6 months of "eating right" and exercise closely monitored by a licensed nutritionist, I'm fed up with having no results. My goal is not only to lose excess weight, but to rid my body of toxins, and eventually feel better. Consequently due to my decision to fast, I have stopped taking all the medications I'm prescribed, as they are to be taken with food. How I feel: A bit tired (but I was always tired when I ate right anyway), some mild hunger pains, nothing that some lemon water didn't cure, and mild headaches. I am mentally prepared for what is to come in the next few days. I consumed 128 oz of water, half of that with two table spoons of pure lemon or lime juice, and 32 oz of green tea, no sugar. I will try to post my progress.

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