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2/1/14 9:55 P

I have been using this link:
d-swimming/ to estimate how much i am burning when I swim since the one on SP doesnt take laps or length into account.

I would keep track of how many lengths or laps (1 lap = from end to other & back) you do in a time frame to get a good estimate.

Water aerobics is great and if you push yourself while doing them since there is little resistance, you should feel a good burn/soreness the next day.

Keep up your routine!!! You are doing great!

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1/29/14 10:04 P

Most people burn around 6 calories per minute on a sustained basis through moderate exercise, and up to 10 calories per minute with more vigorous exercise. A pretty fit person pushing themselves might burn 12-13.

The type of exercise is far less relevant to calorie burn - what matters is how hard you are pushing yourself.

There is an entry in the My Fitness tracker for "Water aerobics".


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1/29/14 7:34 P

Because LA F. has a lap pool, my pool workout is a combination of floor aerobics, stretching, walking, hoping, etc. I spend 45 to 60 minutes at it. Also, I do some paddling with a noodle; a dozen or so laps. Any idea about caloric burn calculation?

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