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So, water consumption is one of my last major hurdles and it's been a serious bear for me to tackle and incorporate without constant active attention. Various tips and tricks were tried, but here's what finally worked for me; this whole week, I've consumed 64oz of water between 8AM to 5PM in addition to what is consumed through foods, and one more glass of water or tea with dinner/through the evening.

I now keep a 32-oz bottle of water at my desk. I have two monitors, and it stays parked in front of one of them. Whenever I need to look at that monitor and find it blocked by the water bottle, I take a drink and set it in front of the other monitor. Repeat when I need to view something on the other one and find it blocked. I do that until the bottle is empty. At lunch, I refill the water bottle and have some with lunch, then repeat the process until the bottle runs empty again or 5PM hits (if the latter, I chug what remains prior to leaving...usually only a few sips).

Eelpie had other fantastic suggestions, which she may share here.

Wondering if there are more memory prompts and tricks! While I do have water consumption down here at work, I'm still on the lookout for things that will work at home on weekends when I'm not always parked in the same place!

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