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AHJUMAY Posts: 6
1/22/12 4:07 P

Thanks everyone I appreciate your replies!! Cold water let's dance!!! LOL!!!

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1/21/12 7:40 P

As a general rule, drinking cold water burns a few extra calories as the water is heated to your body temperature, while drinking warm/hot water makes you feel more full. Really, drinking water in general is a great way to satisfy hunger cravings and make your skin look better. Any weight you gain when drinking water is directly corrolated with the liquid weight, and this quickly passes through your system. None of this "water weight" is ever converted to fat mass.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/21/12 4:21 P

It is most certainly *not* true. If anything it would do the opposite (due to the laws of thermodynamics), and you would burn slightly *more* calories as your body spends energy heating the water to body temperature, as MPLANE37 pointed out. And since the water will be stabilized at body temperature no matter what its temperature is when you drink it, it's also not going to "congeal" anything.

1/21/12 4:20 P

Drinking hot or cold water doesn't do anything with your weight. The energy used to heat it to body tepmerature or cool it down to body temperature is minimal. Drinking water with a meal can actually help you feel full quicker as it takes up space in your stomach. In saying that we absorb water directly through the stomach lining as well as the intestine so it has no effect on the food we eat. I hope this helps.

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1/21/12 4:15 P

I had never heard of that. Actually, the cold water takes away the heat, which comes from the energy sources of your body primarily, so it must help to lose weight rather than gain weight.

AHJUMAY Posts: 6
1/21/12 4:06 P

I was told that cold water makes you gain weight. Is this this true? And if so why? I love my cold water!! But if I have to take one for the team so be it!! Also does drinking cold water with a meal slow your digestion (as in does it make food congeal) as opposed to drinking room temperature water or hot water?

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