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So, today was a mixed bag. I got an email from Bad Prom Run about the race I was planning to attend in a couple of weeks that it had been moved to May, which was rather frustrating. I've been working towards the goal of racing this month (and was excited to have a calendar that worked), only to find out that now I have no race (though I still plan to run the distance that day). So that's the downer.

However, my race partner suggested we do the Warrior Dash in March for Texas instead, which is on my list of races to do. Now, I'm really excited (I'm hoping BPR gives me a refund, since I would like to use that money on the Warrior Dash entry). But, if there is one obstacle that will destroy me, it'll be the straight, vertical wall.

So, I'm looking for advice and suggestions on training to get me prepped for it. I'm very much a beginner, and at this point, I'm pretty limited on equipment (I have some lighter dumbbells, and that's pretty much it, though I'm planning on working up to pull-ups on one of the trees in the back yard).

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