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There isn't really such a thing as a "warm up exercise". Exercise is exercise. Some is higher intensity than others. Some low, and some high, intensity exercises are typically done before a 'work' part of a workout, but they're not by definition "warm up exercise" and can be incorporated into any workout as challenging components themselves.

What is it you do for the work part? Are we talking about warm up for ST, walking, swimming, dance class, or what?

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11/6/12 7:32 P

Hi Carrie,

The best warm-up and cool down exercise is walking or if you are using equipment such as an elliptical or stationary bike, just do an easier version of your workout--same is true for cool-downs...just slow down. Stretching is fine to do after your cool down, but repeated studies show there is no benefit to stretching before hand.

Coach Nancy

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Can anyone tell where I can a list of Warm up and Cool Down exercises?

Thank you,


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