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10/23/13 8:12 P

a good place to start would be to change your mindset that binging is inevitable. If you think it is going to happen, of course it will! I'm not really a binger (more like a stress starver) but logically understanding that emotionally eating or not eating will NOT solve your problems and you can write down a list of things that you CAN do that will solve problems and won't leave you feeling worse about yourself.

As for not having junk in the house..well if it belongs to your husband, then don't eat it,

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10/23/13 7:43 P

Unfortunately I didn't even come back on here to see what anyone said. I knew it was going to happen, it was inevitable.....hopefully I can figure a way to overcome these trails and tribulations one day, without eating the kitchen......I wish I didn't have those foods in the house at all but unfortunately it's not an option because it's hubby's stuff. :(

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I hope your little one is feeling better. I know that caring for a sick infant can be very stressful. But you will get through this ! I'm a firm believer that stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. If a person could reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline. Try to avoid the kitchen when you are stressed out. There really are better ways to reduce your stress that don't involve food. Listen to some of your favorite tunes. Sit and sip a cup of tea. Drinking tea can help reduce your stress. And if you don't like tea, take some deep breathes.

People don't realize how helpful taking deep breathes really can be when it comes to reducing stress. And that's what you need to do. If you could reduce your stress, you'll find that you'll take fewer trips to the kitchen.

Food is not going to solve your problems. It might make you feel better for about five minutes and then what ? then you start beating yourself up because you ate too much. That's not healthy. Try drinking some tea. Try taking some deep breathes. Tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. Your little one will be fine in no time.

Try to take a nap if you can. That will help too.

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10/23/13 10:20 A

You can make it through this! Maybe read some success stories or watch some of the "Biggest Loser" ( I usually want to munch when I watch TV but not when I watch this show!). Good luck!

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10/23/13 9:59 A

First of all, I hope your child gets better soon. You are going through a very stressful time right now and you need to take a deep breath and relax. Right now your priority is your sick infant and a few days is not going to entirely derail you unless you let it. If you fear that you will binge on chips and other junk food, is it possible to just get it all together and toss it in the trash. I know it sounds wasteful but it might be better for you emotionally if you do that. Then plan some healthy snacks and meals while sitting on the couch or walking around your home with your daughter.
This is an emotional battle that you are waging right now and you are only adding more stress to an already stressful situation by worrying about whether or not you will gain weight. Remember why you are doing this and I would bet that your daughter is a big part of that reason.

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10/23/13 9:38 A

Oh I sure hope someone can snap me out of this before I start rummaging through the kitchen :( I already started slipping last night after realizing I would be stuck on the couch for the next few days with my sick infant. She has high fevers and does not want to be put down, I finally got her to lay down with a bottle so I could breathe for a minute. I have not slept so I am terribly tired and I am wanting to comfort myself with food. I can't do anything I usually do to get my mind off the food because I am stuck on the couch :( help! I just finally broke my plateau yesterday and I don't want to go back up though I probably already did from last nights 3 servings of baked lays and a protein bar at 9pm! Ugh

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