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LOUIE-LILY Posts: 5,283
8/21/13 3:30 P

Hi, ice cream was my "drug" of choice - now I just cannot keep it in the house! I walk - if it's raining, there are some great walking dvds. I also do a stationary bike. The important thing is just to START! Some folks left some good ideas. Tracking on SP is a MUST! It's the only way to really see how much you're eating and keep it in control.
You've already taken the first step . . . just take another and another :)

ANNA19821982 SparkPoints: (1,007)
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8/21/13 11:49 A

Stop eating the junk food u eat.
Eat health food, like grilled chicken, tuna, salads , stay away from soda any kind.. drink lotss of water... im in the same boat as u, I was 177lbs, I lost 7lbs, im not 165lbs... watch what u eat, stay away from ice cream.. eat small portions k... trust me

MOBOLA1 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/21/13 3:02 A

Not just some. Loads

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
8/20/13 4:29 P

I would also recommend reading some articles here. You kinda sound like a lot of folks (myself included at one time) that are misinformed as to what it takes to lose weight - you CAN eat ice cream every other night, and you don't have to eat any spinach. You don't have to restrict yourself to never eating stuff you like and only eating cottage cheese. Like others have said, start tracking to get a baseline.

Also, how tall are you? And how much do you want to lose? It may be a matter of taking up a strength training program to build muscle with what you have, as opposed to actually needing to take anything off.

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AHARTOBEY SparkPoints: (715)
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8/20/13 11:40 A

learn to cook. lol im sure you can start with the basics, like eggs and move from there, but use the food tracker too. once you start putting in what you eat it will hit you like a brick how much youre eating and how unhealthy it is. but start with basics, cut the soda and use the tracker, and learn to make eggs :) good luck!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,457
8/20/13 11:31 A

I agree that tracking your food is a great way to start. That way you can see how you're doing relative to SparkPeople's recommended calorie and nutrient ranges, and you can see where you need to make changes.

In general, cardio 3-4 days per week and full body strength training is also good to start with. Find activities you enjoy doing and are challenging for you and you'll be on the right track.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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8/20/13 8:45 A

Losing fat is about calories in vs. calories out. As long as you are eating less than your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) you will lose weight. However, that's easier said than done and that's where these "healthy" foods come in.

Do help with satiety on a calorie deficit; fiber, healthy fats and protein are your best friends. Foods that are high in nutritional value vs. calorie count; eat your veggies.

You don't have to eat foods you hate like spinach. In fact, I recommend that you don't. Losing weight shouldn't be painful or torture. Instead find healthy foods you do love to eat and enjoy treats (ice cream) in moderation. I love ice cream too but I don't buy it, cuz... I'll eat it, all. :) Instead, if I want ice cream I plan a special trip with my kids and husband. We take a nice walk along the river and get ice cream after. Only in the summer and probably once every two weeks or so. The problem with ice cream is that it's;

a) a lot of calories for how much you get!
b) won't fill you up for long; all that sugar burns off quickly and you will be left hungry again shortly after and this is where weight is usually gained, in the aftermath... you wind up over eating for the day because the ice cream didn't satisfy you for long enough.

Anyways, it will take a lot of learning, experimentation and such to learn a way of eating that keeps you satisfied, ensures you're meeting your macro/micro nutrient requirements and prevents overeating. So keep it simple for now and just concentrate on a few small goals at a time. It takes time to revamp your current diet to one that is healthier.

If you want you can go by the Spark meal plans for now until you get the hang of things. (you can substitute the food they give you for similar food if you don't have or like a certain item by clicking the food given to you in your nutrition tracker).

Walking is a great start to developing a fitness plan. Set a goal, like walking for 30 mins 3x a week and you can begin to build your fitness plan around that. Right now, your goal should be focusing on simple commitment to an exercise routine. You don't want to take on too much before you've even created the foundation of routine or force yourself beyond your current fitness level. As you get more fit and consistent you can increase the intensity, duration, type of cardio you do and begin to establish a strength training routine.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (192,101)
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8/20/13 8:43 A

I would suggest that you use the food tracker. It is very difficult (but not impossible) to eat in the proper calorie range and get all necessary nutrients on a diet of junk and processed foods. But tracking your food is a good place to start, and reading some websites and learning how to cook your own food would also be beneficial.

ROCCOERZ1 SparkPoints: (1,544)
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8/20/13 8:27 A

Hey all...... i want to lose a little bit of weight. Currently i weigh 169.5 lbs. And i am a 20 year old guy. I love junk food.. i eat ice cream almost every other night. I dont like spinach (so theres no help there). Sometimes i eat salad but i dont think i eat a lot of it. I eat a lot of fast food. I dont know how to cook scrambled eggs or those omelete things. What should i do? How do i start? What about walking? I used to ride my bike every day. But a few days ago it got a flat tire. I dont have time to fix it just yet.. Someone please help me.

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