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11/11/12 10:36 A

I joined SparkPeople November 1, 2012 and tell my family especially what a great support of resources it is. emoticon

CASSIOEPIA Posts: 18,103
11/9/12 8:17 A

There are SparkPeople silicone bracelets, and key chains that you can add to a fuel belt. There is also a sports bag with the logo on it, and cards you can hand out. However, it may be too late to order and have the materials arrive before your race date.

Enjoy your day. I love Marty - say hi from me!


Saskatchewan, Canada
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11/6/12 12:54 P

My dad spreads the word all the time because he is so proud of my accomplishments thanks to spark people

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 36,619
10/20/12 8:31 P

Deb gave some good ideas, but beyond that, I don't think there is much else. Perhaps some other members may come up with some other ideas.

Thank you for Spreading the Spark!

Coach Denise

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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
10/20/12 4:18 P

There's a cap, and wicking shirts you can buy instead.

Maybe just print out a logo and pin it to your backs?

Deb, in New Zealand
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10/20/12 2:04 P

I've running the St Pete Women's Half Marathon on Nov 18th. A SparkFriend (ONEKIDSMOM) is coming to run it with me and MIRAGE727 and DSSECRETS may come cheer us on!!

We'd like to promote SparkPeople. It was suggested that we wear our Spark tee shirts over wicking clothes. I think we'll be too hot. Don't think we want to buy more wicking clothes. Is there a sticker or something we could add to our clothing? I saw a patch, but it doesn't say SparkPeople on it, just the symbol. Any suggestions?

Incidentally, if anyone else is interested in the Half Marathon and promoting SparkPeople, the more the merrier!! Just let us know you are coming. The expo is the Friday and Saturday before, on Nov 16 and 17th.

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