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Walking with bad knees.

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8/10/10 2:06 P

Also, water aerobics are a great, low-impact exercise.

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8/10/10 1:56 P

My knees are good. Thank God!

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8/10/10 1:54 P

my knees hurt when i first started walking. After my legs got stronger my knees didn't hurt. that's just my situation. . . can't speak for anybody else. My knees hurt when I start to sit down, or stand up, but once i'm standing they don't hurt. emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 119
8/10/10 1:12 P

WWJD!? Walk IN water. haha just a little joke. seriously though head to the water. walking in chest deep water is both low impact and the resistance from the water is a good workout. Or if you have a couple noodles head to the deep end. Hold one noodle in each hand by your sides underwater (you can bend your arms some too if that's more comfortable) then just walk or run or peddle yourself across the deep end. Leaning forward a little helps you get moving quicker.

Posts: 11,447
8/10/10 11:41 A

I had knee issues. Every once in a while they kick up. My dr had given me cortizone shots and told me to walk in a pool till they were stable enough for traditional workouts.
I did - and boy did it ever work!! So now, when the pain kicks up, I just go to the pool and walk - I do mean WALK in the pool. Swimming would further aggravate the knee!!!
Works every time

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8/10/10 10:57 A

Best ALWAYS to check with your doctor first.

I have knee issues.
I do walk everyday, and in my case, walking has helped. Sometimes you feel the discomfort in your knees and the problem might be in your feet or some other area.
As stated above, please check with your doctor first, and he/she may refer you to a phyiscal therapist that can help customize the right program for YOU! Good luck. Walking is a fun, healthy activity!

Posts: 847
8/10/10 10:51 A


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Posts: 5,146
8/10/10 10:46 A

once your doc gives you the go ahead I would treat your feet o good quality shoes. Go to a specialty store and have them check your gait for a shoe support style to work with your body. once you hit the trail, stay on fairly level ground in the beginning (hills can be extra hard on your knees) and a softer surface (grass, over packed dirt, dirt over asphalt, asphalt over concrete).
While you are waiting on the heel spurs, ask your doc if you can do water walks? Head to you closest pool and put on a flaot belt and walk your way across the deepend.

Good luck!

Posts: 77
8/10/10 10:07 A

Thank all of you for you answers. I checked with the doctor and he said bone spurs on my left knee and arthritis on both. So....I am checking into what getting rid of the bone spurs would mean.


Thank you

Posts: 4,087
7/29/10 11:18 P

I agree to check with your doctor for approval to begin walking, etc. I have had both my knees done in the last year for severe osteoarthritis. They are still very painful when I walk. However, I have found that I can ride my stationary bike or use an elliptical without the severe pain that walking induces. Also water exercise was good on my joints.

Posts: 659
7/29/10 10:41 P

I have one bad knee that I injured about 7 years ago. When I would have to walk very far, it would really bother me. But since I started my lifestyle change in February, I now walk every day and it really never bothers me any more. I started out at short distances and gradually worked my way up. I now walk at least 3-4 miles per day. In the beginning, I did have to ice for swelling, but it doesn't even swell any more. I have lost 63 pounds too, so the lower weight might be helping as well.

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7/29/10 10:38 P

can you get to a pool and walk in the pool to build up your knees a little before putting your full weight on them?

SparkPoints: (27,373)
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Posts: 1,978
7/29/10 10:10 P

The answer depends on the reason for the pain. If your doctor says you can walk, then do it!

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Posts: 1,269
7/29/10 9:55 P

my doc told me to exercise in the water too.

Posts: 15,857
7/29/10 9:54 P

Chech with your doctor before starting exercising. I've been told to do water exercises in a pool as it doesn't put stress on the knees. I'm going to give that a try here next week.

Posts: 4,877
7/29/10 9:49 P

As one who is supposed to have knee replacement, I have agreat doctor that has me walking in water. I also have strengthening exercises - check with your doc first.

SparkPoints: (120,668)
Fitness Minutes: (36,888)
Posts: 4,513
7/29/10 9:31 P

Of course the first thing to do is to check with your doctor, however, I too have bad knees, I am bone-to-bone & have osteoarthritis, but I prefer to use me walk-away-the pounds dvd in home - this way I can take my time & do this at my own pace!!

Posts: 24,910
7/29/10 9:21 P

My Orthopedic Surgeon advised against any form of knee brace. He prescribed an exercise program specific to my needs.

Each individual is different. So . . . ask a doctor.

SparkPoints: (4,079)
Fitness Minutes: (2,513)
Posts: 384
7/29/10 3:14 P

Definitely ask a doctor.

My doctor and physical therapist both told me no running and no walking because of my knees. But in some cases, walking may help your knees instead.

My doctor told me to do aerobic that doesn't stress my knees... rowing, elliptical. I'm going to look into swimming.

I did try running, before I consulted my doctor, and now I can hardly walk up and down the stairs. So ask a doctor!!!

Posts: 4,360
7/29/10 3:05 P

try running

Posts: 107
7/28/10 8:28 P

I completely understand the fear of walking on bad knees. I have really bad arthritis in my knees, dislocated both knees multiple times, and I have a torn ACL etc.

I don't use a brace because I think they are more uncomfortable then they are worth, but it might be worth checking into.

I've doing this program for about a week and half now and I've been walking everyday. What I did is I made sure to gently stretch my knees before and after walking, and for the first few days I only walked a mile and took it nice and easy.

I'm slowly working up as my knees feel able and I'm now up to walking 3.5 miles a night at a relatively fast pace and no knee discomfort.

I would also maybe try and throughout the day do a few random gentle knee workouts to help build the muscles around the knee.

Since I've started walking everyday I've noticed a HUGE difference in the pain and tightness around my knees!

Posts: 11,497
7/28/10 8:15 P

doctor approved?

Posts: 6,910
7/28/10 8:10 P

I agree with everyone, I have also seen people ( I work with) use knee braces from the store to help maybe you can try that

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Posts: 1,929
7/28/10 8:01 P

its hurts but Ido it

Posts: 1,017
7/28/10 7:38 P

Consider the surface you are walking on. I do OK, on soft ground, not too well on hard pavement. Anything like a trail with gravel also presents a challenge!


Posts: 5,690
7/28/10 7:36 P

I have arthritis in my knees and the doctor told me to walk. I just need to take it slow and easy at first so go at your own pace and do it.

SparkPoints: (246,714)
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Posts: 22,500
7/28/10 6:32 P

As long as your Dr or Physical therapist is OK with it, walking should be great for your knees.
When I joined SparkPeople and Curves I could barely walk from the Handicapped Parking Space in to the Gym. Now I am walking 4~6 miles a day, plus working out! The pain is ALMOST gone, and I am usually only needing Pain Pills~at the MOST~once a day.

Posts: 5,055
7/27/10 2:44 P

I have a knee that gives me a lot of trouble. I find that I can walk on a treadmill at a rehab center easier than I can walk on the uneven ground outside. Plus, I have a "railing" to hang on to and the place is air conditioned. I also get to the pool as often as I can and walk in the water. I get in chest high water and walk/swim for a mile. If I want a tougher workout, I can go to shallower water.

SparkPoints: (273,343)
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Posts: 20,306
7/27/10 2:37 P

Try purchasing a knee brace and/or consult with your doctor about some physical therapy.

Posts: 77
7/27/10 1:49 P

I would love to walk for exercise but...I have bad knees. Would starting out slow and only walking a short distance help or would it just aggravate my knees?

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