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5/20/13 1:39 P

Thank you. That was extremely helpful.

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5/15/13 7:38 P

Walking burns calories because it is weight bearing exercise - you have to lift your bodyweight (even if just a fraction of an inch) with every step. But with a stroller, the extra weight goes down through the wheels, not through your legs. With a good stroller on level ground, the additional calorie burn is minimal.

Certainly on hills, you will burn slightly more than just by walking yourself. An HRM is probably the most straightforward way of estimating this, but if it is beyond your budget, it is beyond your budget.

If you want to account for the hills, perhaps use a website like which will allow you to estimate the vertical gain during your walk. One vertical foot is roughly equivalent in effort to eight horizonal feet, so add this to the total distance travelled.

In terms of the stroller on hills, the additional calorie burn is probably less than 5%.


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5/15/13 4:13 P

You can track walking on an incline (there are entries in the fitness tracker for various inclines), but just not a great way to account for the extra weight of the stroller and baby.

Coach Jen

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5/15/13 3:26 P

No I don't have a heart rate monitor. I'm just starting this and on a really tight budget so I'm trying to do the best I can with what I have. Theres no way to track walking on incline?

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5/15/13 12:48 P

The same as a regular walk without the stroller. While there may be some extra calorie burn, there won't be much, because the stroller itself is doing most of the work for the pushing. You might be getting a little strength training in your arms, but that's not going to be a significant calorie boost.

There's no way to calculate what little calorie burn you'll get added, so consider them bonus calories, and track it the same way you would a regular walk.

If you have a heart rate monitor with a chest strap, that will help you calculate the added burn from the hills.

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5/15/13 12:26 P

This weekend I plan on going for a walk in my old neighborhood. The thing about my old neighborhood is its in the hills... and when I say hills, I mean HILLS. Think San Francisco. Its a lot like that. Steep and long and I'll be pushing a stroller (a regular old fashioned heavy one as I can't afford the sleek jogging strollers) with a 17+ pound baby in it. How do I log that exercise and calories burned?

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