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2/22/14 11:59 A


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2/22/14 11:48 A

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back on this Gunitprincess88...when I started out I found the workouts that really interested me just several different ones like zumba, denise austin and walk away the pounds because i was doing most of my workouts in doors due to weather with these I incorporated strength training ...With denise austin dvd's she does strength ...i did this at my own pace as what I could do with free weights/ dumbells and started at 3 pounds gradually increasing...the in door walking program also included a stretch band which helps with strength training as well. Then I found the Firm workouts ...they focused more on strength and as I saw my body take shape with strength training I grew to enjoy having it as a part of my fitness routine. I would start small and build up with your workouts...Motivated at last had some great advice as far as working with machines at the gym, if this is feasible for you you may want to try and do this maybe with a trainer...I didn't have this option but i wish you so much luck
I know you can do this!

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2/21/14 12:46 A

Machines generally run in a defined track, whereas free weights require more effort from the smaller stabilizing muscles to keep you balanced.

So generally, speaking, you are better off with free weights, as they work a broader range of muscles, and will ultimately give you a more effective workout.

However, when starting out, the defined track of machines perhaps makes it easier to practice good form?


2/20/14 6:30 P

Thanks so much Caligirl and Dragonchilde! I will definetly add the strength training after a month of sucessful walking. I just dont want to take on too much and end up quitting because it gets to hard and I cant do it. I feel like once I can successfully walk for my 65 minutes without peeking at my towel every 20 minutes ( I use a towel to cover the treadmill so I dont look at the time. It's the whole mind over matter thing and it really seems like the time has flied once im done) then I will add some weights. which one is best for beginners free weights or the machine?

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2/20/14 4:13 P

I have to totally agree with Dragonchilde her explanation is right on at best...i am at a restart in my journey here and reviewing my past log books i have found that without the strength training i would not have gotten great results and would have just lost alot of really can't have much success with out strength training in the equation of your routine.

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2/20/14 1:12 P

Because weight loss is primarily about nutrition, GUNITPRINCESS88, yes, you can lose weight with just walking, although I would strongly suggest you not wait until you lose the weight to add strength training. When you lose weight, as much as 25% of the weight you lose can come from lean tissue, such as muscles. Strength training can help you preserve that lean muscle tissue, and help you lose inches and look better sooner.

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2/20/14 12:52 P

Hi can achieve that with walking as part of your workout...i did. I added a walking workout to my workouts and saw great results. I did encorporate strength training and different forms of cardio with a balanced eating ...tracked it all here on sparkpeople...the key is don't give up and really be honest with all that you are eating and doing when you track because sparkpeople will calculate it all out as you track it and it may take a while at times just don't give up! emoticon

2/20/14 12:05 P

I just recently started walking on the treadmill 3mph for 65 minutes 5 days a week. I am looking to increase my pace as well as the incline gradually but for the most part I enjoy it and afterwards I feel like I am ready to take on the world. Now i personally prefer the gym because when I walk outside I get to much attention (horns honking, people staring, and a few whistles lol) I guess i live in a niegborhood with alot of perverts. I would like to lose about 80 pounds with just walking alone then add strenth training and other forms of exercise to spice it up. what do you think? is it possible to lose that amount with only walking?

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2/19/14 12:22 P

My bf walks so often that he has got his time down to 14 min / mile!! He is losing weight as well.

2/19/14 8:31 A

Walking is my primary source of exercise, and I'm down 90 pounds. I walk fast 30 minutes on the treadmill every morning, and when it's nice out, I walk outside. I live in an extremely hilly area, so I get the benefit of walking steep hills at a brisk pace. I've never joined a gym. Somehow I just know if I had to find my keys, put special clothes on, and drive somewhere to exercise, I'd never do it.

CR_EDWARDS_2015 Posts: 283
2/17/14 4:53 P

Thank you all for your replies!! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you all. It eases my mind knowing that I don't need a gym membership to lose weight. I absolutely LOVE walking, and pushing myself is not a problem. If I walk a shorter distance (2-4 miles), I make sure I walk a much quicker pace than I would if I were do a long distance walk (4+ miles). My favorite place ever to go is the Tallgrass Nature Preserve, about 40 minutes from my house. It is a nature walkers paradise there, with plenty of hills and scenery. I cannot wait to start going back there again!! Thank you all SO much for your input, and again, I am sorry for not responding to you all quicker. :o)

Congrats to you all on your weight loss!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon

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2/16/14 12:46 P

I have lost 50 pounds so far without stepping foot inside a gym.

I don't even go outside to exercise. I do a variety of DVD's in my living room. Some of them are Leslie Sansone's indoor walking DVD's and some involve other types of exercise. If you like outdoor walking ... go for it.

And remember: Losing weight is more about nutrition than exercise.

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2/14/14 3:07 P

I agree walking is a great way to lose weight. I walk on my treadmill for about 20 - 30 minutes a day. I also do Leslie Sansone Walk at Home DVDs three times a week for an added boost, they would be great for days where the weather is bad. Like many others have said you have to push yourself not only while walking but also to start walking. It is easy to say "later" or "tomorrow", but that is the same with the gym. Best wishes! emoticon

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/14/14 2:57 P

I lost 60 pounds by walking and eating a healthy diet. You do need to push yourself when you walk as stroll won't cut it. I also include some steep hills in my walk. You also need to plan for bad weather so what will you do then for walking........? Me I have a treadmill that I use when it rains or snows. I also believe that strength training is important too. So I lift weights at home 1 day week. So I would invest in some stretch bands to use as they make a great workout and are not expensive.

2/14/14 2:00 P

I don't belong to a gym. I lift weights at home, and like to run and walk. Walking is great exercise, especially if you can incorporate some hills into your route.

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2/14/14 1:47 P

I cannot say that I have lost all my weight walking, but that is because I haven't been at it long enough. I love my walking but like everyone says, you have to push yourself. I have found that it just gets easier the more you do it and then you get faster as you push harder. Plus it feels so good to be outside -- even if it is cold, I still walk! Love it!

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2/14/14 12:32 P


You defintely don't need a gym to lose weight. When it comes to losing or gaining weight, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutriiton is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit.

I walk everywhere. I love walking. It's a great way to stay active.

And check your local library for workout DVDs. your library is not only a great resource for books, you can also borrow DVDs and CDs too. Borrow a few DVDs for home workouts when you can't get outside because of the weather.

There are also plenty of free online workouts too. Coach Nicole has a bunch listed in the fitness section. YOUTUBE has tens of thousands of different workouts posted for all sorts of activities from boot camp workout to salsa workouts.

You can even find walking workouts too !

This is Leslie Sasone's walking workout.

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2/14/14 12:05 P

yes it is totally possible to lose weight without the gym, I lost 4 dress sizes just from walking every day. You do have to push yourself and treat your walk as a workout rather than just strolling but its no different to how you would push yourself at the gym. I found the easiest way to do this was to power walk to work and back, my work is about an hour away from my house on foot so I get a great cardio workout. I would recommend this to everyone, if you work within an achievable walking distance from your house then walking there and back is fantastic, not only will you lose weight, improve your cardio fitness and get a workout for free you will also save money on petrol or bus fares! win win! emoticon

KKKAREN Posts: 12,458
2/14/14 9:06 A

walking is good especially if you push yourself!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,096
2/13/14 10:12 P

Heck no. You DON"T need to belong to a gym to lose weight.

It doesn't matter so much WHAT you do for exercise, just that you do it regularly.

If you enjoy walking, then that is the form of exercise you should do. Exercise videos are a good at-home option for exercise on bad weather days.

Of course, strength training should be part of any exercise program, rather than just relying on cardio alone. But you don't need do belong to a gym to ST either - you can get in a great workout using just your own bodyweight for resistance.


CR_EDWARDS_2015 Posts: 283
2/13/14 7:56 P

Hello everyone!! I am hoping for input from my fellow Sparkers. My gym membership expires on the 17th of this month, and I am really struggling with the decision on whether or not to renew. With the weather becoming tolerable again for walking, I am thinking about saving some money, and holding out on a gym membership, for now. I love to walk! Especially first thing in the morning!! In my heart, I do not feel like I need a gym to lose weight, but my head is saying I do. Are there many of you out there that has been successful at losing and maintaining their weight, by not having a membership?

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