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2/21/13 8:53 A

The big problem with hand weights is you have to accelerate, and then deccelerate them at the end of every arm swing. This slightly stretches the tendons in the arm. And joints are generally designed to be compressed, not stretched - there is a reason why 'The Rack' was a medieval torture device.

I agree with most of the posters here - if you do want to increase weight to add to the intensity of your walking, then you are much better off carrying the extra weight in a backpack (which is close to your center of gravity.


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2/20/13 11:12 A

I am so glad I stumbled on this. I started to use 2lb weights with my walking videos. I have only done it twice now and will not be doing it again. Thank you for this thread!

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2/19/13 1:32 P

A trainer once told me that the only people who benefit from walking with weights are orthopedic surgeons. emoticon

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2/19/13 1:29 P

And definitely don't strap weights to your ankles. Heed the advice of others on spicing up your walking routine. If you are at a park with benches, you could use them for step ups, pushups, planks and triceps dips.

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2/19/13 1:04 P

Carrying hand weights offers no advantage and increases risk.

If you need to up your walking a notch, then go faster, further, or higher (hills), or start including intervals, or use a backpack to carry a weight closer to your centre of gravity.

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2/19/13 8:21 A

I wouldn't recommend walking with either hand held weights or ankle/wrist type weights. Holding weights as you walk will change the way you stride, possibly causing injury. Instead, try increasing your intensity by speed walking intervals, finding some hills, or even short intervals of jogging. If you feel you really must have more weight, try a backpack instead---the weight will be distributed evenly over your trunk and it won't change your stride pattern the way hand held weights will.

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2/19/13 8:18 A

If you want an arm workout, choose heavier weights and use them separately from your walking.

Holding light dumbbells at best will have no benefit, at worst cause injury.

If you want to add intensity to your walking, carry extra weight in a backpack, add hills, or walk faster.

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2/19/13 7:26 A

Has anyone walked a few miles with 2 pound hand weights? I do a lot of walking but want to step up my waling by carrying hand weights. How do I sue them when I walk and how long should I work out with them on my walk. Please help!

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