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LADEETEE36 Posts: 345
1/8/15 4:45 P

I love Leslie Sansome's Walk Away the Pounds Videos. I did my FIRST video this past weekend. And, boy was I surprised, I was sore the next day. I did the 3 mile walk... great workout! emoticon

OUTDOORGIRL73 Posts: 20,661
1/8/15 4:34 P

I also love Leslie Sansome's Walk Away the Pounds Videos. I have 10 different ones. That is how I started walking at home during the winter when it is not nice outside. I get up early in the morning and do at least 1 mile in to start the day off. Right now I can do 2.5 miles in 30 min.


I agree with you on her mile markers. I just go by my pedometer for the miles.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,604
5/24/14 8:04 A

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I think the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVDs are great! Personally, I don't think the mile markers are a true mile but that's just me!

And a great way for people to get in to exercise. Not everyone can or wants to run a marathon or spend 30 minutes on a machine.

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CLTSASSY Posts: 143
5/23/14 7:51 P

I love Leslie Sansome's Walk Away the Pounds Videos. I'm up to using the four and five mile workouts. Additionally, doing 1 or 2 miles is a great warm up for other workouts. I also do the shorter workouts when I just don't feel like working out, but know I need to do something. One thing I have learned, everything doesn't work for everybody. If you think the walking workout gives you a good workout, then that is what matters. It doesn't matter if your BF doesn't think it's a good workout, if it's something you can and will stick with. Judge it for yourself and don't worry about what anyone else says.

5/23/14 11:28 A

Anything that gets your heart rate up is a 'real' workout!

MUSIC123JJ SparkPoints: (88,647)
Fitness Minutes: (47,373)
Posts: 1,920
5/23/14 6:32 A

I love the walking videos. They are good for me because in Tucson most of the time it is too hot to walk outside for exercise.

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (37,106)
Fitness Minutes: (27,770)
Posts: 1,169
5/23/14 5:44 A

There are numerous people on here who have lost weight using walking videos. I have the Leslie Sansone ones and I frequently use them while I am watching a movie or something on the computer. (screen within a screen, volume turned off because I cannot stand her voice). Is it as good as running a marathon? No, but it's a heck of a lot better than sitting on the couch!

5/22/14 2:59 P

I lost weight eating well and using Leslie Sansone's walking videos.

I thought it was "old lady" exercise, but had not much choice, at home with a newborn, a one and a half year old, and a 3 1/2 year old. As it ends up, it was a great way to get moving every day. I went from basically sedentary to active, it spurred me on to greater things, but I also kept doing my 30-45 min. walking video each day. I worked up a sweat each time.
Now I can get outside and have more free time, so I haven't used them in a while, but they were just what I needed.

SLYSAM SparkPoints: (43,184)
Fitness Minutes: (110,991)
Posts: 1,474
5/19/14 3:47 P

It depends what he means. I've tried a few walking workouts--Leslie Sansone, some Jessica Smith from Youtube, one on my cable TV's on demand (don't recall the instructor) and one by Chris Freytag. In my opinion, the workouts I tried did vary in intensity (some more vigorous some less so). All were similar in intensity to what I would experience briskly walking outside (my heart rate was similar sometimes a little higher than brisk walking outside on flat ground). Some had "jogging boosts" so the intensity was a little higher. Really, it reminds me of what I use to hear referred to as "low impact aerobics" more than walking. I think they are great if you want something similar in intensity to a brisk walk or a brisk walk with short jogging intervals. I find the key to getting a good workout from walking workouts is to make sure I put a good amount of energy into the arm movements. My personal preference is dancing or if I walk doing it outside, so I don't use these that often. But I did a 30 minute Jessical Smith walking workout last night when I wanted to sneak in some moderate activity before dinner. And it sure felt good to move! Is it enough, it probably depends on your goals.

BETE2013 Posts: 62
5/19/14 3:22 P

I really like Jessica Smith's indoor walking routines. She uses different steps so it's more than just walking in place. I just don't have the coordination to do more complicated routines.

CAROLINAGIRL69 SparkPoints: (116,747)
Fitness Minutes: (58,376)
Posts: 2,719
5/13/14 11:31 A

I love Walking Away the Pounds! They are so much more than just walking in place. Right now I'm using the "Walk it off in 30 days" dvd. It has a cardio session and a strength training session. I'm down 8 lbs (staying within my calorie range) and can walk up the 4 flights of stairs in my work building with no effort. It use to leave me out of breath.

LAURELTOO SparkPoints: (564)
Fitness Minutes: (405)
Posts: 97
5/13/14 10:49 A

One of my family members does (leslie Sansone's walking dvds) most days and (coupled with a diet change of course) she looks fabulous. She hasn't said but I bet she's lost well over 40 lbs in the last months. I recently asked her to walk a charity event with me and she did it like it was no effort at all (which she would not have been able to do previously). so it has definitely worked for her!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,152)
Fitness Minutes: (294,373)
Posts: 27,076
5/13/14 10:04 A

Leslie Sasone's Walk Away the Pounds workout DVDs are extremely popular with members as well as a good workout.

Your BF is making an assumption that everyone can do what he does for exercis. This is a misconception. People have different fitness abilities. For some members, walking to their mailbox and back was all they could do when they started exercising. Your BF might have considered that worthless. but, it wasn't.

We all have to start somewhere. With time and regular practice, we can all improve our cardiovascular endurance and overall fitness.

I walk everywhere. I love walking. I do it as part of my fitness routine. Last weekend, I did a 20 mile charity walk. It was fun and a particularly good workout consider that I walked for a solid 5 hours.

So yeah, walking can be fabulous exercise !

CUDA440 SparkPoints: (85,241)
Fitness Minutes: (91,855)
Posts: 8,044
5/13/14 9:46 A

I know someone on here 7 years ago ended up just doing that. Walking in place while watching TV and it took some time, but she ended up losing 200 pounds!!!!! She did later end up "jogging in place" at the end. but she did it!


ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (194,287)
Fitness Minutes: (189,527)
Posts: 15,820
5/13/14 9:32 A

what isn't real about it?

5/13/14 9:26 A

Hi All -

Looking for a little validation/advice. I completed the Spark DVD Walking video a few nights ago. Felt my heart rate go up even though it felt a little bit like marching in place.

My BF said it seemed like it wasn't a "real" workout but I beg to differ! Anybody use walking videos at home (even if you are just kind of walking in place?) and have any advice/success stories to share?


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