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5/2/13 8:36 A

The previous poster has given you some good advice. I agree to make sure you're wearing good shoes that fit properly and aren't worn out. Bad shoes can give you all kinds of problems.

Coach Jen

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5/2/13 6:28 A

Make sure you have a pair of shoes that have good support. Try walking a few blocks when you start out and slowly increase your distance. I like to walk on dirt, grass, mulch or sand so it's not so hard on my body. Concrete is the last thing you want to be walking on. Your hips, knees and legs take at least 2-3 times your weight with etch step you take. Take it slow and walk softly on your path. Hope this helps.

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5/2/13 6:05 A

For the past 3 weeks I started walking 2 miles a day for about 4 days a week. The only thing I started noticing is sometimes the front part of my ankles start to hurt.

What can I do to prevent this? I do not want to injure myself. Is my walking stride all wrong?

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