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9/27/13 9:03 A

Good to know!

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9/26/13 12:58 A

I picked mine up at Big5 for under $30 for both! - Yes, I like them especially when going up hills, hiking (stability), and extra energy output. It is another way to vary my cardio when walking!
Go for it!

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9/23/13 2:18 P

In the past, there was a walking program called HEAVY HANDS. You would perform certain exercises with hand weights while doing your aerobic walk.

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9/22/13 8:42 P

Nordic walking is walking with poles and it can add a little extra calorie burn but nothing extravagant. There is a method to it and basically, you keep your arms long and the poles extend out behind you as the tap the ground. It is hard to explain but locally, there is a lady who is an expert. Here is a link to her website:

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9/22/13 7:41 P

I am a regular hiker, and find that walking poles really take the pressure off my knees on steep descents, and help keep me balanced on rough or slippery terrain. On easier going I tend to fold them away as being more hassle than they are worth.

There are claims that using poles burn significantly more calories, but the truth is that this is only the case if they help you walk faster.


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9/22/13 7:36 P

If you have trouble walking and need extra stabilization, go for it. But I'd be hesitant about any claims of super calorie burn; just swing your arms while walking, it'll do the same thing. :)

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9/22/13 5:30 P

I have been wanting to buy a pair of walking poles because I've heard good things about them.
Has anyone used them and what is your advice...? Good idea or waste of money?

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