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BERNADETTEPAYNE SparkPoints: (12,434)
Fitness Minutes: (5,335)
Posts: 1,363
3/10/12 8:02 A

I have to start logging in what I walk.

3/9/12 9:37 P

i love logging about 18,000 minutes...takes me about 3 hours of straight walking at a decent pace

3/3/12 3:31 A

Walking is the best free all-around exercise--you can do it alone, with a partner, or with a crowd.

BJPENNY70 SparkPoints: (72,638)
Fitness Minutes: (35,495)
Posts: 4,787
3/3/12 2:31 A

Happy to be walking. For about 10+ year couldn't walk good or very far. Several surgeries later I am walking. I am getting better at it everyday. Love walking in the park with the nice breezes blowing and watching the wild animals playing in the woods.

NHEMBERGER SparkPoints: (86,703)
Fitness Minutes: (32,573)
Posts: 312
3/2/12 12:00 P

I feel good after I walk outside. Debating on buying a treadmill or exercise bike for indoor during inclement weather or late nights when I want a workout.
Any suggestions on treadmill vs bike?

123ELAINE456 SparkPoints: (167,615)
Fitness Minutes: (50,359)
Posts: 88,052
2/28/12 2:53 A

Walking is good excerise for people.

NEKEL16 Posts: 206
2/22/12 3:24 P

I recently clocked up 22,000 while on a day trip to london, was one hek of a day! emoticon welldone! its a great achievement!

DFTBAGRL Posts: 23
2/18/12 8:55 P

Theme parks are awesome for buring calories! An Imagineer friend of mine likes to say "A trip to Disney isn't a vacation, it is a 10-14 hour endurance test!"

EUCLASIA SparkPoints: (13,624)
Fitness Minutes: (12,892)
Posts: 220
2/18/12 1:31 A

Yes!! Please include me to the I heart walking too :)

BJPENNY70 SparkPoints: (72,638)
Fitness Minutes: (35,495)
Posts: 4,787
2/18/12 1:11 A

I love walking. I walked 2047 steps yesterday. Now that may sound like nothing. I haven't been able to walk very much since 2004. I injured my both my knees in 1999 and my ankle in 2004. Four knee surgeries and 19 months of therapy later I am doing better. I still have a serious a back problem, but I get out there 3 times a week and give it my best. I also do strength training 7 days a week. Feeling very happy about those steps. Like I said love walking! emoticon

LAWLADY24 Posts: 122
2/16/12 4:56 P

AWE-SOME!!!!! Walking is one of the best exercises in the world. Its so common and natural that we do it no matter the store, the bathroom.....even to your car :) That's great...I'm so proud of you. Keep Up The Good Work! emoticon

BRIDGETTER4 SparkPoints: (18,070)
Fitness Minutes: (16,803)
Posts: 912
2/16/12 10:09 A

Amazing isn't it?? Great job!!


GODSFAITH SparkPoints: (6,555)
Fitness Minutes: (2,398)
Posts: 458
2/15/12 9:31 P

HELLO, emoticon


AND YOU DID IT AS A FAMILY! emoticon emoticon


LEEHAME64 Posts: 122
1/16/12 8:37 P

Hello All. My children and I went to one of the amusement parks here in Orlando. Universal which actually has two different parks in one. We arrived at about 10:45. Began walking fromthe car to the entrance and then throught out both parks all day. We ended the day at about 6:20pm. That;s about 7 hours. I started counting in increments of 500 steps. It was taking us about 4-5 minutes for the 500. So on the conservative side, Today we walked 21,000 steps. Yahoo!

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