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HALRABI1 Posts: 28
4/11/14 9:14 P

Thanks for the encouragement.

HALRABI1 Posts: 28
4/11/14 9:14 P

Thanks for the encouragement. I notice that you are ding a great job getting to your weight loss goal too. Congratulations!

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4/10/14 9:02 A

If you got caught "walking" the golf course where I use to live they would call the Police and press charges of trespassing! Your lucky your course allows to do that! Keep up the great work!

~"I'm not there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday".

~"If God brought you to it He'll see you through it."
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4/9/14 10:32 A

I'm not, but just wanted to say congrats.
No wonder all the golfers I see on TV look so fit!
Great job!!

HALRABI1 Posts: 28
4/8/14 2:50 P

I'm an avid golfer. Today, while I played 18 holes, I used a push cart to carry my golf clubs. I'd say I walked about 5 miles. pushing that cart around the course. Anyone else out there also walking their golf course?

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