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9/29/11 6:50 P

Are your shoes too small? I had the same problem, got bigger shoes, and moisture wicking socks & it's been fine ever since.

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9/29/11 5:35 P

I have become a walker and a slow runner over the last 20 months. I have done 4 half marathons. Been lucky never to have a major foot issues. I attribute that to my main TIP get properly fitted shoes. Go to a good running store and get fitted by someone who runs...don't choose by color or have some teenage worker tell you these are best. May cost a few $$ more but it will be worth it!

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9/29/11 1:50 P

I always buy my running/walking shoes 1/2 a size bigger than I would normally wear. I picked that habit up from training for the 3-Day walk (60 miles in 3 Days). It feels a little like wearing flippers ar first but now I am used to it and shoes in my normal size feel super tight.
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AWESOMEIN12 Posts: 229
9/29/11 12:29 P

Thanks, sparkers! You are all awesome!

SWEETSUGAR7 Posts: 2,450
9/29/11 12:16 P

I can only do walks.

I would get more comfortable shoes and socks. Check with your doctor.

Good luck!

PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
9/29/11 11:26 A

When I ran intervals, I also lost some toenails. From what I read, it is from the movement of the toes agains the inside of the socks and/or shoes. Now I mostlly just walk and no longer lose toenails.

To help prevent friction, there is a product calle 'Glide' that helps, danti-persperant will do the same thing. Double socks also help to prevent blisters. Jockey makes cool max socks and undies that I LOVE. I get the ones that also provide instep support, and wear them for every walk, with a thin, generic pair on top. They fit snug on the foot, providing extra support, plus my toes don't rub around the inside.

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9/29/11 2:10 A

You may want to google different lacing techniques for your shoes that could hold your foot on the bed of the shoe better. I have to lace my shoes a particular way or I get blisters in strange spots. Just a thought! Also, make sure to invest in a good shoe that is fitted at a specialty store, and another thing is that feet generally swell when you exercise, so just because there was enough toe room when you first put them on doesn't mean there's always enough through the duration of the workout. I have to buy exercise shoes a half size larger than my normal shoe size because of this.

AWESOMEIN12 Posts: 229
9/29/11 1:32 A

Yes, ma'am, I need to invest in another pair of shoes already, but I bought this pair with PLENTY of toe room because I had problems with one toe on my right foot every spring when my friend and I started walking around the lake again. The toe swelled up, lost the nail TWICE. I also have been wearing some extra cushy wicking socks, but since you asked, the pair I wore and threw away today when my toes started acting up again, were wicking but VERY thin .... Gonna see how I do with wearing only the extra cushy ones now. Thanks for posting!

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9/29/11 1:15 A

Assuming you have properly-fitted shoes with enough toe room to allow for swelling, what sort of socks are you wearing? Synthetic socks (polyester, acrylic, etc.) will help wick moisture away and prevent chafing. Socks with a little extra cushioning may help for longer runs. You could also try double-layer socks (a type of sock, not to be confused with just slapping one pair of socks over another!) or seamless socks to give your toes less to rub against.

AWESOMEIN12 Posts: 229
9/29/11 12:40 A

I developed a blood/water blister on the end of my toe the end of June and lost my nail. Had water blisters on the ends of two other toes, too. I've upped my walking/jogging to prepare for my virutal 5k and here we go AGAIN! Why is this happening?!

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