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8/15/13 9:56 P

Walking clears my mind

8/15/13 6:46 P

The thing I love about walking -- at least outside -- is that I get into almost a meditative state, enjoying the sound of the wind or the light coming over the hill, clearing my mind. On the treadmill I listen to music and it's almost as good. For human beings to walk most of the day is natural, in the big picture.

Of course some people have medical issues that prevent them from walking; I sure don't want to be one of them. When I started my weight loss efforts, 30 minutes on the treadmill at a snail's pace would leave me red in the face and covered with sweat. Fortunately it was not impossible, though, and gradually it got easier, and now I would really miss my walks if I couldn't take them. For me to actually look forward to exercise is almost unimaginable from where I started.

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8/15/13 6:28 P

My issue, Sunshine, was how judgmental you made it sound. "everyone can do it'. "I just don't get it".

I'm glad you can walk. I'm glad Russel can walk. but it's not the best exercise for many of us. and saying "walk as far as you can, then try a little harder" is actually BAD advice for many obese people. I can "walk as far as i can" 100000 times, and will do damage to my knees and feet. I need to do other things first.

all I was pointing out is the difference between

"I love to walk! how many of you do? It's so easy for most people!"
"walking is easy. I just don't see why everyone doesn't do it".

it's subtle, but all teh difference in the world!

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8/15/13 5:42 P

When I joined Spark I could barely walk the length of myself. I was obese, physically inactive, depressed, and suffering with a back injury.

Not only did walking hurt, I was so out of shape that it really felt awful and therefore not something I was just going to do.

My saving grace? I adopted a dog! Having a dog sort of forced me out of the house but I didn't think of it as exercise just playing with her. She made me smile and laugh and her energy was catching. I now have three rescued dogs and love to walk them. I still don't enjoy walking by myself but at least I'm exercising.

You have to find what a) you can do and b) what you enjoy doing

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,249
8/15/13 12:21 P

Yes, of course there are people who have limitations, however if you read my post it recommended standing or taking a few steps as well. If you can do nothing else, stand up!"

Common sense tells you that people with MS or muscle disease can not and people who's doctors restrict them. But then there are a lot of people that just use excuses for not doing anything.

As Russell said he walked as far as it was comfortable and yes, Russell was correct in saying you don't need a special program or a gym to lose weight...walking works for those who can.

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
8/15/13 11:58 A

I think there are some exclusions, obviously, but they are very rare. For those people a doctor will tell them not to walk.

I started at 361 with CHF, on oxygen at night, and my doctors did not suggest I start doing any exercise at all. I am pretty sure they were just focused on all my health concerns. The year before I had just had a hernia operation, after they fixed my burst appendix, which was complicated because of my diabetes. The first month, I just walked to my mailbox, and after returning, I slept for hours to recuperate. Winter came, and I stopped, but resumed exercise in 2008, and started losing a little weight. I just walked as far as was comfortable, and then pushed myself another 5 mins. At this point I was on a treadmill at the gym. I was walking farther, but afraid something might happen while a mile from home.

That was 5 years ago, and since then I've lost 150 lbs, and walk 45-60 minutes daily, which along with bike riding, swimming, and resistance band workouts is all I do still. Because of my CHF, I am not going to be running a marathon, or benching 300 lbs., but walking is enough. I think that was Sunshine6442's point.. that you don't need to do pilates, or some special program.. just walk.

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8/15/13 5:10 A

In the course of my work over the years, I have had clients who have been unable to walk - not because they were paralyzed but because their lungs were in such a poor state that they couldn't manage to walk from the couch to the next room without having to sit on 2-3 strategically placed chairs ....... AND they weren't obese, either.

BUT I do agree in that IF you are able, then walking is an excellent exercise.


8/14/13 8:26 P

I work with many adults who fall into the category of morbid obesity and are unable to walk more than just a few steps---for example: to the bathroom and back to the chair. This is the type individual that does well in a medically monitored low calorie diet program for rapid weight loss. Weight loss often leads to much less pain, increased mobility, improved breathing, etc---and thus the beginning of a walking program. So the weight loss must occur "before" the walking can ever begin.

There are many reasons why "even walking" would not work in a person's life.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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8/14/13 6:33 P

I totally agree that walking is awesome. In fact, I am grateful each and every day that I can walk as much and as often as I want to. It is, indeed, the best medicine.

My partner has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It is nearly impossible for her to walk anything other than very short distances without a great amount of leg pain. Some days, she cannot get out of bed on her own two feet to get to the bathroom.

Seeing this every day, and watching her struggle to try and do a recumbent stationary bicycle while still in pain, my ability to exercise, including walking, makes my gratitude list pretty much each day!!

Keep on walkin ... :-)

CHIBI_TOTORO SparkPoints: (147)
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8/14/13 3:18 P

walking is incredibly hard for people who are obese. I'm 200 lbs on a 5 foot frame, with high levels of muscle deterioration due to stagnation. Walking HURTS. not "good pain", not "oh this is healthy but i really feel the burn". it just hurts. my feet. my knees. my back.

If i can get to a gym, then the pool is the place for me. all of that goes. but my nearest public gym is 5 miles away, and I don't have a car. we have a crappy bus system here.

These aren't excuses, they are reality. I do what i can, in my house, with some modified yoga, and some small 1 lb weights.

but when you say "I don't get how" and "it's so easy" and whatever, you are talking from a position of judgement that isn't fair to everyone. Just saying.... of ocurse we should all try to do what we can, but it's not as simple as you think.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
8/14/13 12:51 P

all true, but easier for some than others, depending on lots of physical factors.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,249
8/14/13 12:17 P

I don't understand people who say that can't exercise. God Gave us two legs and walking does not require any special skill. Walking can burn almost as many calories as jogging and it is easier on your joints. WALKING REDUCES HUNGER AND IMPROVES NOT ONLY MUSCLE TONE BUT BAD CHOLESTEROL AND LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE.

Yes, walk and slim your waistline, relieve anxiety and tension, back pain and heart attack risk.

Walking is the safest exercise you can do. Keep a brisk pace, not fast....if you find it difficult to breathe your walking too fast. Stretch before going on your walk to loosen your muscles and take a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Can't walk far...start slow a couple of minutes and add 1 minute more each day. Also move your body every 20 minutes even if it's only standing or a few steps.

The European Herat Journal reports that sitting for long periods causes changes in the body that lead to higher triglycerides and higher levels of inflammation which lower your good HDL cholesterol. Regular standing breaks stop heart damaging processes before it can kick in.


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