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9/19/11 2:57 P

good idea

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9/19/11 2:56 P

For a change, go to a mall or a community centre which has a walking track. Some schools also open their corridors in the evening for walkers.

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9/19/11 2:03 P

emoticon emoticon

9/18/11 12:28 P

definitely leslie sansone! you can find a few of her videos online for free!

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9/18/11 10:12 A

you can do it emoticon

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9/18/11 9:55 A

Thanks, Hana, & Linda, you are full of energy and good resources! Thanks!

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9/18/11 8:51 A

Check your local cable system. Comcast has ON DEMAND and I think there are some of Leslie there. Also check your local library. George Foreman also has a set of walking DVD'sk, there are many out there! The steps are all pretty much the same. Once you find an 'instructor' you like, check ebay or for great values, some brand new. You could even just put on some music and DANCE! YouTube has some instructional videos. I personally prefer the Cha-Cha Slide or the Cupid Shuffle, but at home alone you can literally 'dance as though no one is watching.' Above all, HAVE FUN!!!!!!Or

Linda ~ Pennsylvania

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9/18/11 3:45 A

Leslie Sansone is great! Check the Biggest Loser power walk DVD too. It's another great option.

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9/17/11 2:12 P

Thanks, mad and suziq! Sounds like I need to check out Leslie Sansone.

Rockin' Robin
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9/17/11 12:58 P

I'll also suggest Leslie Sansone DVDs.

Also, if you have Netflix... Crunch Fitness has a TON of workouts available, which is great to change it up a bit.

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9/17/11 12:56 P

I am addicted to the Leslie Sansone DVDs and also I like to do the SP 10-minute exercise videos that are on this web site. They are a lot of fun and they break up the monotony. I also use free podcasts from Itunes (podrunner is a good one) and they have high BPM music that I just make up my own walking/marching workout using the steps that Leslie has taught me. You can do anything for 10 minutes, can't you? If you did a 10-minute burst of fun exercise, who is to say you couldn't add on another 10 minutes, and then another 10-minutes after that? The only thing I recommend is that you stretch your calves and shins because working out indoors (even on carpeted floors) without warming up and down gives me shin splints. I wish you the very best.

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9/17/11 12:10 P

=o) Watch this message thread, Ana! Our Sparkers are the BEST and will come through with LOTS of perfectly GREAT suggestions here! That's why I posted this here. Stay tuned!

Rockin' Robin
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9/17/11 12:04 P

If your find anything interesting, PLEASEEEE let us know!

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9/17/11 12:01 P

It was cold and miserably drizzling outside on Thursday, plus I had a headache. I took some aspirin and curbed the bite of my headache, but the weather still kept me from getting outside for my wog. I felt like such a SLACKER!!! I am looking for some indoor "walking" DVD's or anything that will be like my daily wogging for those very bad weather days that ARE coming soon and will keep me from getting out and hitting the pavement. Suggestions, Sparkers!! Please!!

Rockin' Robin
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