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Walk or Run?

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5/3/13 12:37 A

I used to walk/jog. My favorite target was a 12-min. mile (ie.5 mi per hr). However, hip & knee issues prevent me from doing anything other than walking.

I finally decided that I would rather be able to walk well for the next 30 yrs (I'm 51 now), than to push the running and further injure and cause "fall-out" for my body. I think I've accepted the situation and make the best of it.

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5/2/13 8:22 P

I prefer walking. I really don't understand the running craze of late. Even SP seems to be pushing folks in that direction.

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5/2/13 8:08 P

I agree with JCW - while running does burn slightly more calories per mile than walkin (because you are actually airborne for part of each stride), it is distance that is the major factor.

There are health and fitness benefits however in getting your heart rate higher.

However, the impact of running can be hard on the legs, and it takes a while for your leg muscles and tendons to adapt. The best way into running is through a Couch to 5K program, which basically mixes in progressively increasing intervals of running and walking over several weeks.


Posts: 273
5/2/13 7:43 P

Walk. I have a seriously bum knee, and some ankle difficulties. I doubt I could run even in an emergency.

Posts: 34
5/2/13 7:05 P

I started off by walking. Then progressed to race walking. I started to add jogging into the walking and built up to jog the whole way

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5/2/13 5:15 P

This was very helpful as I try to do both when I'm out. Not ready for full I walk, run, walk. I'm going to look for the iphone app to track calories.

Posts: 347
5/2/13 2:50 P

The calories burned has more to do with distance than pace. While you burn slightly more calories doing a slow job as opposed to a fast walk (just a little bit of extra movement up and down really), the calories to do 1 mile of each are pretty similar. The advantage of running/jogging is that you cover the same amount of ground more quickly, raising your calorie burn per hour.

Sometimes I don't feel like running, but I want to burn some calories. That's a great day for a nice, long walk.

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5/2/13 2:17 P

walking today. running tomorrow

Posts: 508
5/2/13 1:02 P

neither right now

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4/28/13 1:02 P

I've often found that a brisk walk or hike on a hilly terrain can be just as beneficial as a jog. Definitely gets my heart pumping!

Posts: 377
4/28/13 12:55 P

Coach Jen thank you so much for responding to my question!!! I did 3 miles today at a quicker pace and my phone app I have for walking said I burned 300 calories so I was pleased. I hope it is accurate.

Posts: 55,212
4/28/13 10:23 A

As long as you can still get your heart rate up into the cardio zone and the pace is challenging, you'll get a lot of benefit from a regular walking routine.

Coach Jen

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4/28/13 8:10 A

Do you walk or jog/run? I've been running about 2 miles with my dog but sometimes it's just hard to do. Do you think I would get the same benefits walking ?

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