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11/9/14 4:56 P

Mine is 9775.

I just now got around to signing up for it even though I've already done a lot of walking and riding my bike (I do other stuff too - rowing machine, stationary bike, etc. but they don't count that).

PUGLOVER1999 SparkPoints: (58,574)
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11/8/14 1:24 A

This is great! I signed up tonight, too!

I have copied the numbers you other people have given as invitations. I would like to be partners with you / walk with you, but two things: (1) You are already way ahead of me and (2) I am old and fat and cannot walk many miles every day. Can we still be partners?

In case we can / you are interested, my number is 97787.

Hope to see you on the road! Maybe I will meet you on your way back! LOL

KAYAHSLOANE1 Posts: 10,478
8/5/14 9:42 A

Glad I found this thread, I was looking for something like this to keep me motivated to walk more and it will be quite fun~

BONNIEMCC488 Posts: 6,800
8/3/14 10:59 P

I love it! Thanks for asking. I didn't even know there was such a thing. A few weeks ago I was thinking about figuring the mileage from where I live now in NW Indiana to my hometown in California and start adding mileage to that, but it's so far 2000+ miles and would take me a long time to reach that goal. That website sounds like fun and in the same ballpark! Definitely going to sign up.

Me: 97163

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8/3/14 8:33 A

This is awesome

SIRIUS2014 Posts: 1,087
8/3/14 7:55 A

I found your thread and am inspired to continue the walk.
I started long ago, but quit because the site is slow with my equally slow connection.
I could not get to the partners page to add anyone yet.
See you on the trail. Shirley

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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2/16/14 12:06 P

I am trying to sign up, but the site doesn't seem to be working. After entering my weekly goal, it won't let me "continue" to the next page.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (196,884)
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2/14/14 11:08 A

If you're interested, you could always walk from the Shire to Mordor via the Hobbit's Guide to Walking. I remember seeing this posted on another member's blog.

There are bunch of different LOTRs walks.

AUNTYERIN001 SparkPoints: (11,629)
Fitness Minutes: (5,779)
Posts: 58
2/14/14 9:35 A

I signed up too. Meg I added you as a partner emoticon I'm 77589 if anyone wants to join us. Go SparkPeople emoticon

RCW0442EHS SparkPoints: (10,991)
Fitness Minutes: (8,676)
Posts: 733
2/13/14 2:29 P

I signed up too. I like the idea of walking across America. I'm always up for a good challenge. emoticon

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
2/13/14 1:56 P

Oh that's really cool, thanks for the link - I've signed up as well!

I'm user 77586 if anyone wants that info. :)

NSMANN Posts: 977
2/13/14 12:47 P

yes, thank you!!

FIELDWORKING SparkPoints: (29,946)
Fitness Minutes: (64,745)
Posts: 748
2/13/14 10:05 A

NSMANN Posts: 977
2/13/14 12:28 A

Someone posted in here once about a website where you could enter your mileage each day, and it would show you your progress on a virtual map. I'm having trouble finding that site - any suggestions??

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