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1/4/12 10:40 P

I;m not a dietician so can't vouch for how healthy my techniques are, but I am going to school to be a teacher and also work, so I definitely understand how tiring life/working with all those kids can be lol.

I try to get as much sleep as I can, though when I need an extra pick-up, I use those 5hour energy shots or a similar knock off brand...I wouldn't want to drink them regularly, but those days I am really tired or out of it they do the trick...I always feel more alert and don't crash later. I also drink coffee...usually a cup a day (I know you said you aren't a coffee drinker), though I don't really feel more awake after, just like the taste.

Sometimes doing a quick little burst of a workout (a bunch of jumping jacks, a brisk walk, pushups until I can't do any more) also seems to give me bursts of energy/wake me up...usually doesn't last longer than an hour or so helps me

1/4/12 9:25 P

While most people turn to the stimulant caffeine on occasion to make it through a tiring day...remember that true energy comes from a healthy diet, exercise and adequate sleep. If you continually find yourself tired, you may want to talk to your doctor about seeing a sleep specialist.

Dietitian Becky

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About how much caffeine would you say you get during a normal day? This can come from a couple of sources like coffees, teas, sodas or chocolates. I know this might sound long-term, but if you think you might be depending on it too much give yourself some time over spring break or summer break to cut back a bit. Before you start and even while doing it and beyond, try to up your vitamin C, folate, B12 and iron. It might help to track these on your Nutrition tracker to see how you're doing already and keep tabs on the suggestions it gives you on how to improve or keep up what you're doing. If you can get your family to eat them, try brussels sprouts! I like them roasted or sauteed with a little bit of bacon, garlic and a fair helping of black pepper. Any veggies in that family (Brassicae) such as broccoli and cabbage are insanely good for you and will help with your overall energy level.

TL;DR: Try something with Vitamin C, like orange juice or tomato juice.

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1/4/12 7:23 P

Was wondering if anyone had any tips for what to drink in the morning, or through the day. I teach second grade and need LOTS of energy for the day, and would depend on either Starbucks cold drinks from the gas station or Pepsi for that energy when sleep is few. I have a feeling those both would be good things to cut out the dependence on now that I'm eating better. Unfortunately I hate coffee and really don't like tea either, so I need some ideas on what to drink for energy during the day. Or maybe just smaller amounts of those things?

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