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4/4/10 9:44 P

That looks like fun.

POKERDONK Posts: 554
4/4/10 7:44 P

I hate jumping jacks but hate any other version even more :-)

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SEXYSIZE_12 Posts: 2,390
4/4/10 7:29 P

I copied and pasted this and it didn't work, so typed in wacky jacks in the you tube search bar and it brought it up. Thanks for sharing this is a great alternative to jumping jacks. here is the link below.

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A great food blog to read and enjoy is below.
4/4/10 6:19 P

I hate jumping jacks with a passion. Three of us at work go to the gym everyday at lunch. We do a cardio blast workout by a body firm trainer here, but it calls for jumping jacks. My co-worker said to do "wacky jacks," and she showed me this link:

I get more of a workout from these and enjoy them a lot more.

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