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WWYD what would you do? is this stealing?

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3/7/13 6:42 P

Yep, that was stealing. The right thing to do if something is found is to do all you can to find the rightful owner of whatever it is or else turn it into the local police department.

Posts: 15,628
3/7/13 6:38 P

well now, where'd the "cat fight" posts go?

Posts: 2,073
3/7/13 12:06 P

When I was young and did anything that I knew to be wrong, it always came back to bite me in the rear. I have found money in stores, a purse on the street, a gift card in Costco and even an expensive ring in an airport bathroom. I turned them all in to the proper authorities. After that, I did not worry if those persons were honest enough to return the items to the respective owners. If they happened to steal those items, themselves, then I figured it would be on their consciences -- not mine.

I once had a classmate at a high school reunion express that she didn't even know if I would even talk to her after all "these" years. When I asked why, she confessed to a wrongdoing that she did to me 30 years prior....and I didn't even remember what she was talking about. Can you believe, it was still on her mind all those years later? That's a conscience for you!

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Posts: 6,142
3/6/13 11:19 P

I know I was brought up to find the owner of anything I find that does not belong to me.

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Posts: 526
3/6/13 8:06 P

I was in a dollar general store sometime back and came across 60.00 dollars laying in the floor, picked it up, started to put it in my pocket, but I remembered it waas the first of the month and maybe a person on a fixed income elderly and living from day to day may have lost it, Well I thought if I turn it into the clerk she will stick it in her pocket, but I soon realized I had to do what I thought was right, then I will be out of it, so I gave it to the clerk and told her I expected her to do the right thing. Well 30 days later the manager of the store called and asked me to come down, and pickup the 60 dollars because no one had claimed it. Do the right thing and u will be at piece w/ur self emoticon emoticon

Posts: 2,937
3/6/13 5:38 P

On my coffee break, about a month ago, I walked to the bank, then the grocery store, then back to work. I had taken $100 out of the bank & spent $14 at the grocery store. When I went to pay for parking at work, I had no money. My $85 was gone from my pocket. I went back to the grocery store and asked if it had been found - it hadn't. I stopped at the bank only because it was on the way back. The receptionist ask how I was doing & I replied that I wasn't doing very well because I had lost $85. She had been on the computer. She pulled out an envelope with my cash in it. She said that a lady had found the money with the bank receipt, up near the hospital. The lady had turned it without leaving her name & the bank was trying to find some way of locating me with the partial number on the receipt. I still can't believe it. I almost didn't go back because I didn't think anyone would return it. That money means a lot to me as a single parent & I am very grateful to that anonymous person for turning it in. It takes courage to do the right thing.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 4,796
3/6/13 5:36 P

A lot of people try to justify or rationalize theft. I've heard folks say it's ok to take the ipod or iphone from the 'welfare mom' with the coach bag because she 'obviously' is cheating the system.
With theft, it needs to be bottom line.
Is it yours?
If not, don't take it!
I work hard at my job, I earn my pay check and if I take that money and buy an ipod, it's mine and I have entitled myself to it because I worked for it. If I work hard and can't afford it, it doesn't mean I'm better or worse than anyone else and until I buy one, I am not entitled.

Posts: 1,764
3/6/13 4:55 P

It is definitely stealing. If they looked on the ipad they probably could have found an email or phone number that would have helped them track down the owner, if for some reason they didn't trust the store employees.

Posts: 13,082
3/6/13 4:26 P

I would turn it in. Keeping it would be wrong

Posts: 1,612
3/6/13 2:29 P

If I had found that when I was a kid, I probably would have thought, finders keepers losers weepers. Unless my mom would have seen it and then she would have made me turn it in. In either case, yes it's stealing when you know someone else lost it and you don't try to return it. Also, I would want someone to return it to me if they found it so I would want to do the same for them. emoticon

Posts: 2,755
3/6/13 2:23 P

Yes that is stealing. Turning it in would've been the right thing to do.

SparkPoints: (40,056)
Fitness Minutes: (4,701)
Posts: 2,187
3/6/13 1:36 P

They absolutely did steal. If you have to think about it, you should turn it in. I'm a teacher and find valuable stuff all the time. Phones, IPODs jewelery, money. Can't imagine keeping it!

Posts: 11,257
3/6/13 1:24 P

interesting that almost everyone agrees ... turning it in the the right thing to do.
a lot of people would NOT go back to a store that missed charging them for an item.
and a lot of people lie on their taxes and claim more deductions than they should
(especially charitable contributions).

Posts: 15,628
3/6/13 12:58 P

Turning it in is the only answer.

My ex-wife once called me a butthead because while walking down the aisle at the local grocery store I saw a folded bill on the floor. It was a twenty-dollar bill. I picked it up and she asked me what was it, I told her then told her to take the cart while I go and turn it in...........after I got the "you're stupid" look I went ahead and turned it in to the mgr.

It wasn't mine to begin with.

Posts: 1,054
3/6/13 12:57 P

It should have been turned in.

SparkPoints: (96,244)
Fitness Minutes: (55,927)
Posts: 17,988
3/6/13 12:53 P

They should have turned it in!

SparkPoints: (90,113)
Fitness Minutes: (68,855)
Posts: 2,843
3/6/13 12:18 P

Yes it is stealing and unfortunately in our society today, alot of people act like they are "entitled" to take anything that is just lying around. What happened to doing the right thing such as these people being charged for stealing an IPAD

Bottom line: if it isn't yours, you cannot keep it.....this goes for animals, inanimate objects, people's spouses, etc.

SparkPoints: (248,576)
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Posts: 19,907
3/6/13 12:05 P

I learned a lasting lesson on stealing when playing golf. I was a beginner and had hit (and lost) a number of quality golf balls into various water hazards. As we played the back 9 holes I came upon a range ball and started to pick it up. My thought was I had lost so many that day so one was being gifted back. My golf partner stopped me. I tried to rationalize but could not deny his reasoning on why I should not take it...

"Because it does not belong to you"

Posts: 4,211
3/6/13 11:57 A

They took something that did not belong to them. That's stealing. A few years ago my Dad last his billfold and he always had at least $200 tucked inside. He was on a modest fixed income and he was having some mental confusion, so this could be difficult, but we narrowed it down to the restaurant he had been to and they said they didn't have it. The next day I went to the restaurant and asked the manager if it had been turned in. She asked me a few questions and then went and got the billford from their safe (which she said was their policy). Every single dollar was in the wallet!! You better believe that I gave them a portion of it for their honesty. The name of the restaurant? STEAK AND SHAKE. I'm putting the name up, because in my book, they are awesome!!!

Posts: 704
3/6/13 11:42 A

Yes, its stealing, and yes I'd turn it in or better yet, like you did, look for the owner.

Posts: 865
3/6/13 11:24 A

You did the right thing!

SparkPoints: (82,270)
Fitness Minutes: (51,861)
Posts: 3,898
3/6/13 11:14 A

I believe that you did exactly the right thing. So good that the punks that stole the iPad got caught. That is an expensive item and it wouldn't just be forgotten and not looked for.

In other words, "Ya' did good!" emoticon

Posts: 1,809
3/6/13 11:05 A

A town not too far from me is going to arrest three people for stealing an Ipad they claimed they found at a Costco. Is someone else's loss your gift? Well these clowns thought so and took the device home and took photos of themselves and got tracked by the Ipad owner so now they are busted! I say it is stealing.

They knew that belonged to someone else. I will have to say I found Gameboy left in a cart a few years back. I was not about to give it to an employee. I had to think fast. I thought I would wait around to see if someone comes in and starts looking around for it. If that did not happen I would take it home make a flier and post it on their board they have as you walk in their doors. I would also call the store and tell the manager to give my number to anyone asking for it. Lucky for me within a few minutes I seen this frantic little boy about 10 years old come in looking in the carts. I asked him are you looking for something, he said yes my Gameboy and I handed it to him. We both were very happy! Employees steal too so it is important if I find something I return to rightful owner. My third plan was to put an ad in Craigs list under found. I am not an angel myself, when I found random money in the past but no more then twenty dollars before I felt sort of happy, but sad for the person who lost it, but I would stuff it in my pocket and walk off real fast. Now if it is only a few dollars I stay around in hopes someone starts looking for it and if not then I just keep it, but if it happens again where I find money I will donate it somewhere that helps others and maybe even add some of my money to it. We all hate hard times, but sometimes good things come out of hard times like honesty and empathy for others and not wanting to take from them something they might really need or want and perhaps saved for to get. Finding and keeping is stealing when you know there is a way to get it back to the rightful owner. I know by me saying I would not keep only a few bucks that I found and would return it somehow tells me two things. I am becoming closer to God and want to please him, and I have learned through hard times even though I was never too bad off ,but I know somewhere 2 bucks can buy a loaf of bread and a package of bologna for a family, and I bet that taste really good when you have nothing else.

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