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6/25/10 2:09 P

I become more confident in myself and my appearance.

Had a friend that went coo coo for coco puffs after she lost alot of weight so I stopped being her friend because she made me feel guilty.

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,178
6/25/10 1:55 P

I became more confident too, but also my husband helped me with that.

My Mom said something about her weight loss. She noticed how others changed toward her. People that NEVER would have associated with or talked to her, all of a sudden started. Eventhough she is pleased with her weight loss, she said it was sad that it took weight loss for that.

6/25/10 1:49 P

Being slimmer makes me feel more confident, therefor I come out of my shell a lot more.

I suppose I become the 'real' me.

PARKERB2 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/25/10 1:05 P

I think your will become more self-confident.

6/25/10 11:09 A

about 5 years ago, i was at my lowest weight. i had lost 65 post-multiple-pregnancy lbs. i felt great. BUT, i admit (very ashamedly!)...i became somewhat holier-than-thou. i became complacent and forgot about maintaining. obviously i gained it all back. i think i was too confident. this time i am much more aware of this attitude. i hope my awareness helps me avoid this pitfall.

6/25/10 10:39 A

Actually...i have been accused of being more "serious while getting skinnier." Let me tell you why from my point of view. When I was big...and I was big for my height I resorted to being "the funny one." I was 100% energetic and 100% bubbly 100% of the time and i used that as a crutch because if i WASNT i was just the fat AND boring girl. But as i lost weight and I gained confidence and peace with who I was i guess i just mellowed out because i didn't need to be "On" all the time I could just be myself without the theatrics.
So maybe just understand that your freinds had to go through a lot of work on the inside as well as on the outside and maybe they feel the way i do...just a thought.

SLUGGER17 SparkPoints: (90,555)
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6/24/10 5:24 P

I would think the opposite - that those who lose weight might become bubblier. There's a lot to celebrate: better health, better feelings about one's self, better image in the mirror...

HINOTO SparkPoints: (0)
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6/24/10 4:50 P

The only personality change I've had is that I've become more positive and optimistic. I think that's a good thing ;)

SABLEGRL Posts: 980
6/24/10 3:39 P

not worried at all

6/24/10 3:11 P

This is maybe how being more serious could happen with weight loss. It's just a theory.

If people are heavier, they tend to get ignored. To try to compensate, they become pleasers. They are funny, the life of the party, and will do anything for anyone. This isn't good for their self-esteem (I mean the fake part, if this isn't a part of their personality). For those for whom this is who they are then this wouldn't be a problem. For those who are hiding behind it though, it would be a problem obviously.

If people lose weight, then their confidence goes up. Then they have the internal power to say no, I won't be a pleaser and no, I'll be myself now thank you. Maybe they weren't really that constantly funny person and under it all they were quieter. Now they would feel freedom to be that quiet person.

That's just my thought.

CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
6/24/10 3:00 P

The fact that you're aware of the pitfalls probably makes it less likely that you'll experience a negative personality change. Why do people take themselves so seriously anyway? Life's too short....have fun and stay positive!

6/24/10 2:27 P

I think if you WANT to be a cheerful and bubbly person you will still be that way!

JULESGL Posts: 9,609
6/24/10 12:53 P

I think that the more I value myself by taking care of my body, the more I value other people and it's easier to love them, forgive them and encourage them when I've faced my own challenge (weight) and am keeping at it.

COJOSVERDES SparkPoints: (3,788)
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6/24/10 12:38 P

While I don't deny that some people do change for the worst after a weight loss most just have "found themselves". After burrying that person for how ever many years behind a facade of apathy and people pleasing and being the Jolly Fat person they realize that they are a human being with emotions and feeling and that they are just as worthy as the fit people they longed to be for so long. They have a new confidence in themselves and sometimes don't know how to portray it. Maybe they are even still trying to convince themselves that they are worthy of what they have alread accomplished. Keep your head screwed on straight and KNOW that you are already worth it!

SHINE_IN_09 Posts: 1,388
6/24/10 12:21 P


SKINNYMISSKASEY SparkPoints: (114,139)
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Posts: 3,941
6/24/10 12:20 P

My personality has definitely changed after losing the 55lbs that I have, but for the BETTER! I am more talkative, outgoing and happier. My co-worker though, her DIL lost a lot of weight through surgery and got a really high head and she doesn't want that to happen to me, which it won't.

MELMEL411 Posts: 235
6/24/10 12:09 P

I have an Aunt-in-law (?) who is totally fitness geared after losing a bunch of weight. But she takes it to the next level and won't stop talking about it. I heard she was nicer when she was larger, but she's not mean or anything, just won't quit talking about herself. I do hope that if I get to an admirable weight, that I have the courtesy to encourage others instead of gloat.

DONNABRIGHT Posts: 12,421
6/24/10 12:05 P

Not worried about that at all!

DARK_ANGEL10 SparkPoints: (12,820)
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6/24/10 12:03 P

I think it's a chain reaction. When you start eating better and exercising you feel better about yourself. So when you are out and about that confidence just shows. I think it's a good thing. I don't think most people that have lost weight feel that they have arrived or would rub it in people's faces; "look at me I've lost weight suck it" Losing weight is not easy and staying on track it's harder. We should be proud of our accomplishment. Go weight loss!!

MARIABELLA Posts: 2,388
6/24/10 8:01 A

My personality is now more outgoing since losing the weight, I'm not as self-conscious. Much happier in my body now that the weight has gone down.

LOSER05 SparkPoints: (464,668)
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6/24/10 7:55 A


6/24/10 7:48 A

"Personality" change or "attitude" change?

I have had many folks that have known me all of my life and when I lost weight (and subsequently became buffed) say to me that I have changed my personality.

I then remind them that I still like to do geeky things like play Dungeons & Dragons, go to competetive marching band shows, participate in American Historical events, enjoy watch the SyFy or History Channels and movies like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and the likes, I like to sing songs from musicals, lay on the ground and watch the clouds and ID their shapes, all of that stuff I use to and STILL do.

However, I am more confident now than ever before in my life and THAT'S what most people don't like about me. I do NOT react well to being told what to do anymore. In the past I was a "Pleaser" I didn't want to rock the boat, I didn't think anyone CARED about my opinions and thoughts, I was i-n-v-i-s-i-b-l-e...(meh, I bet some of you wished I still was that way, LOL!)

HESSRL Posts: 327
6/24/10 7:39 A

I think it depends on the person. Some people who maybe never had self confidence or attention lose a lot of weight and suddenly are the center of attention, I can see that going to their heads and changing them. Then again other people it might just make them happier people. To each their own I suppose!!

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
6/24/10 7:39 A

I am more easy going than I write about, but cross me and I am still a nasty s.o.b in real life..
My teenagers have respect when I raise my voice..
I am more self confident about saying no to bad food choices.
If a person is a happy camper with the food and exercise and is not just gagging it down for fast results it should make the personlity more easy going..
Hate what your doing and just doing it because of vanity kgs, life is going to be hell for yourself and everyone around you..
Also for some people whom "wouldn't be seen" in a therapist office sometimes you have to fix problems behind the eating problem.. People whom say they are normal scare me more than people whom are honest and say freely they have problems..
It can be lack of doing a dirty job like dumping a lazy spouse, walking out from a ignorant boss or giving the family a ear full for living on the doorstep every day that cause a personality change..
The food and exercise should make people blossom..

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FRANKI666 Posts: 990
6/24/10 3:55 A

hmm ... i think i will definitely be a little more serious about eating and exercise but i wont let it rule my life, i feel happier now than i did when i started and i continue to get happier! I LOVE MY LIFE emoticon

ALLIESMOM71 Posts: 115
6/24/10 2:28 A

No. I've lost 50 lbs., and it has made me a more outgoing person: happier. I have about 10 more to go, and I'm sure it will increase even more.

6/24/10 2:23 A

Not that I'm even close to my weight goal but I do wonder if I'll change like some people I know who have lost but now seem very serious instead of bubbly .But as long as their happy and confident in the person they've become then I celebrate their happiness emoticon emoticon

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