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DLASAGNA Posts: 2,420
5/8/08 10:40 P

If your current weight is still under your starting weight, you are doing just fine, keep plugging away at it, and what you want will most likely happen.

One thing I know for sure, if you do not keep trying, it will NOT happen. Personally, with those odds, I'd keep working on it, myself.

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5/8/08 10:18 P


DACGIRL Posts: 15
5/8/08 6:28 P

I feel the same way here it is I try to work out 3-5 days a week and eat right and I feel like I gained weight well actually I did gain about 4 pounds! And I feel like giving up on everything and just eating everything!

ANARIE Posts: 13,184
5/8/08 6:14 P

Whoa! Wait a minute! Your tracker shows that you've lost almost 4 pounds in 12 days. Is that wrong?

If you've lost 3.8 pounds in 12 days, when you only have about 40 to lose total, then the only problem is with your expectations. Saying you're eating right and working out and "only" losing two pounds a week is like saying you keep your car tuned up and your tires inflated but you're "only" getting 60 miles to the gallon.

Two pounds a week is the MAXIMUM you could possibly expect to lose safely. Losing one pound most weeks is good progress. There's nothing wrong! It's working! You're doing perfectly fine!

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5/8/08 6:09 P

Wow, that's good to know!! :) I thought I was the only in the situation... It just freaked me a little bit!! :D LOL

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5/8/08 5:59 P

this is happening to me and in cases, i gain

SUEBEE42 SparkPoints: (71,133)
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5/8/08 2:09 P

I agree with everyone else, two weeks is not long enough to expect astounding results. :D Give your body the time it needs (at least 4-6 weeks) to "get the memo," and keep up the good work!

You're not on a diet, and this is not a temporary thing with an end... you're working to make permanent lifestyle changes, so that when you DO reach your goal (and you will!), you will have the tools and skills to KEEP it off. That's the REAL goal! :D

JAIME1119 Posts: 221
5/8/08 2:01 P

I just want to tell you that it took me over 2 months to drop even one pound. I started on December 13th 2007, and didn't lose even one pound until February 24th 2008. So if you just started on April 24th, it might be a while. It will be worth it though. I did cardio 6 days a week for over an hour each time, and it still took me 2 months to drop a pound. I was 28 (now 29) and was at 200 pounds and am 5'8. Now I am 185.

STACYGIRL1 Posts: 38
5/8/08 1:42 P

I agree, I was just saying that if she was really concerned then she should have a physical & blood work done.

I know that it's not uncommon to not lose any weight even after a month of doing all the right things. That's why I prefer taking measurements and using body fat analysis versus using the scale to measure my progress.

Either way I hope that she doesn't give up and will be paitient... It'll come. :)

MCSHELL08 Posts: 641
5/8/08 1:27 P

I know this sounds crazy, especially when you want to lose weight, but three pounds is a LOT in the amount of time you have been doing it. It took me three months to lose three pounds, then my body got used to all the activity and healthy lifestyle, and about two weeks ago it woke up, and I lost six pounds in a week.

Three days of doing excercise isn't long enough to see drastic results, consistency is what's going to do it.

5/8/08 1:24 P

I'd highly doubt there's anything wrong at this point.

If she goes 6 weeks on her program with no results THEN it may be time for a Doctor of right now she hasn't been at it for long enough to produce measurable results.

STACYGIRL1 Posts: 38
5/8/08 1:09 P

Hmm... well I'm not sure but here are a few suggestions...

1. If you haven't had a physical recently, get one... and definitely have your thyroid tested.

2. Take your measurements instead of using the scale to track your progress. If you have been doing all the right things it's possible that you've decreased your body fat and increased your muscle mass.

I'd be totally happy if I were at my current weight but had a healthy body fat level :)

3. Stay away from the scale for the next two weeks. Maybe weight yourself every 20 to 30 days instead of weekly?

Good luck! :)

5/8/08 1:05 P

You've only been exercising for 3 days, and watching what you eat for 2 weeks.

It can take 6-8 weeks or longer for noticeable results. Be patient and keep it up!

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5/8/08 12:54 P

Actually, yes I have a food journal that goes with me everywhere. I am both eating and craving the right foods.

STACYGIRL1 Posts: 38
5/8/08 12:51 P

I know how frustrating it must feel but it may just take time. Are you keeping a food journal? You might find that helpful. Although you say you're eating all the right things it may be possible that your caloric intake is too high. Excess sodium can also impact weight loss. Are you sleeping well...sometimes sleep can impact weight loss too.

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5/8/08 12:39 P

Hi everyone,
I've finally changed my lifestyle lately since 4/24/08. I've been working out on the treamill since 5/5/08. I work out for a 1 hour on the treadmill... I went on Monday, Tues., and wed., and I am planning to go sometime today. I've been eating healthy (whole grain carbs, fruits, veggies)... What is wrong with my plan, I am not seeing a significant change! :(

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