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3/4/12 7:30 A

I agree with the others - you have to try it out. I used to be an evening exerciser till I noticed that working out seemed like it took all night (that's because I spent the majority of the night avoiding it). I've since started working out for 30 minutes in the morning and am so happy that I made the switch. No more dread or missed workouts.

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3/4/12 6:42 A

Hey, Kim ! I agree with the others who've replied, you need to try it to see how your body will react to the evening workout because every one is different. Some people can workout at night and still get a good night's sleep. I do find that if I do an intense workout an hour or so before I go to bed, that does cause problems for me.

And I find evening workouts difficult if I did have a busy day at work. I might be too fatigued to workout at my max. That's why I tend to prefer working out in the mornings. Morning workouts invigorate my day. Also, it's much more quiet at the gym. Depending on how late your workout is going to be, gyms can be packed in the evening. So, you too may find working out in the morning more convenient just because the gym will be quieter and you don't have to fight with people for equipment. That's one of my biggest complaints with evening workouts i.e. too many people.

3/4/12 5:51 A

Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it!

3/3/12 7:33 A

Yes everyone is different. For me I like working out later in the evening because it really helps me sleep better. Just try it for a couple of days and see if it works for you. Good luck!

3/3/12 6:10 A

Everyone is different - for some, working out at night helps them fall asleep faster, and for others it keeps them up at night. Personally, a good round of strength training usually puts me out faster. Try getting a free pass (or join for a week) and see how it affects you.

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3/3/12 5:43 A

My friend and I are thinking about joining a gym, but the only time it's going to work for me is on my way home from working the night shift. Would I still be able to get good results when I go home from the gym and go to sleep?

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