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SparkPoints: (6,179)
Fitness Minutes: (9,786)
Posts: 56
11/12/11 7:18 P

Thanks everyone for the positive feedbacks and THANK YOU SPARKPEOPLE.
I am so glad I started to gain my life back. emoticon

SparkPoints: (40,000)
Fitness Minutes: (23,961)
Posts: 779
11/12/11 7:50 A

That is wonderful news..congratulations!

SparkPoints: (135,699)
Fitness Minutes: (68,766)
Posts: 33,096
11/12/11 3:18 A

Great news, I am so glad for you. emoticon

Posts: 4,000
11/11/11 8:38 P

emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (109,157)
Fitness Minutes: (70,567)
Posts: 3,785
11/11/11 4:27 P


Posts: 2,611
11/10/11 11:47 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (6,179)
Fitness Minutes: (9,786)
Posts: 56
11/10/11 9:43 P

I was schedule two evenings for overtime. I manage to make adjustments with my eating schedule and I didn't over eat both evenings. emoticon

Posts: 3,650
11/10/11 8:01 P

Triple congratulations! Getting written up is wonderful and a chance to maybe set someone who reads it on a journey of their own. Have fun in Dallas!!!

Posts: 630
11/10/11 3:43 P

My first Woo Hoo is that I am down 30.6 pounds!! WOOT WOOT! I have never lost this much weight in my life ever! YES! Now onto even bigger news! Sorry for the long story! haha

So I am on a special program called RVL that is through MonaVie. When I first started in the business and started doing the program a couple months ago I got the chance to go to a meeting in Carson City and I was told a lady named Leah was going to be there and she had amazingly already lost like 110 pounds at the time. I was so unbelievably stoked to meet this woman! Well since then we have become really good friends and I am friends with her awesome husband Wayne too. It's funny because he always calls me Princess! So cute lol. Anyways back to my story. Yesterday morning she text me saying that she had some amazing news and she couldn't tell me over the phone and that she would tell me when she saw me that night. So my mom and I thankfully got to the event early so I could talk with her.

So she came up to me and had some papers in her hands and I was like totally expecting it to be great news for her. Well come to find out she was messaging one of the top guys in Monavie, she's friends with him. He was just checking up on her and seeing how her weight loss was going and everything. So then she told him a little about my story. So Jeff being the person that he is forwarded it to another guy in the company and told Leah that they want to do a STORY ON ME!! I still can't believe it! I have to answer a series of questions and then send it in with some before and after pictures of me so far. I was like HOLY CRAP! So that was amazing news in itself and then I was blown out of the water yet again!

They had a drawing that if you wore your I am Monavie shirt that you could win two tickets to the next convention which is in January and they are rolling out a bunch of new stuff and going to be having great information. So I was fully expecting him to call out someone else's name because I never really win stuff like that and then all the sudden Jeff said MY NAME!! and he even pronounced it right which totally shocked me! SO I AM GOING TO DALLAS IN JANUARY!! Can you tell I'm excited!?!?

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