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SPARKER87 Posts: 366
1/8/13 1:40 P

no bus system here, I live out in the middle of nowhere. No money for a new machine, but that would be nice. Set up up my resistant band system, have weight, and made kinda my own little gym with a motivational collage on the wall as well as a poster for each workout I did with my trainers and a poster of other workouts to do. I also tacked on a sign in and date and describe each workout sheet on the wall, like at the gym. Actually going to go workout now. :)

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BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (107,996)
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1/7/13 12:02 P

I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada and today the weather is -15 degrees Celcius and feels like a bone chilling -22 degrees Celcius with the windchill.

If you are looking for DVDs -- try the Jillian Michaels ones. Actually I would recommend the Wii Fit if you have a Wii. Also Coach Nicole here on Spark has a new DVD you can order that is really good according to those I have spoken to that have it.

I am lucky to have a car and go to the gym for 2 hrs every second day.....Is there no bus you could take? I lived in Colorado Springs and I know that Montana is similar with a bad bus system.

KARENCRANER Posts: 3,421
1/7/13 11:56 A

I chop firewood, shovel the driveway, and ride a stationary bike for winter cardio.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (185,324)
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1/7/13 10:37 A

I have a treadmill and a rowing machine to carry on with

Trev, Kent Southeast UK

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MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,447
1/7/13 10:34 A

This is a great time of year to invest in a treadmill or even an elliptical. With everyone's new year's resolutions equipment will go on sale at stores and I would suggest the extra warranty cause "things happen".
I bought my treadmill a year and a half ago and the motor just burned out. I have 6 months left on the warranty - THANK GOD

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SARAHF1988 Posts: 603
1/7/13 10:07 A

I would say just invest in some kind of cardio machine for at home, my friend has invested in a spinning bike and she has had brilliant results with it. Have a look online to see what you think might suit you and your home. good luck

Sarah, UK
SPARKER87 Posts: 366
1/6/13 8:07 P

I got kettle bells and the resistance bands that are hooked up to my door like a bowflex type system. Those will cover about 80% of my workouts that my trainers made for me. As for the cardio...I'm going to have to beat the cold and get over to where I need to be at least twice a week. My trainers made it so that the workouts they made for me, were very much like cardio. So I'm going to just adjust. I'm sorry...but I ain't running in the freezing cold, not when my own boogers freeze as soon as I walk out the door. lol.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,886
1/6/13 7:27 P

It has only been as low as 25 degrees here. So that is a heat wave compared to your Montana weather.

Have you tried the Kettle bell?

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JOYCECAIN SparkPoints: (97,385)
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1/6/13 3:24 P

I miss the warmer weather, because my walking is my exercise. I live in the country and don't drive. With the icy streets, I have been stuck for sometime.


WINSTONSUZ Posts: 5,236
1/6/13 3:10 P

I absolutely HATE when temps drop below 70! so I am NOT a winter person! I do my exercising inside when it is cold..... I miss the warm days outside and fresh air but I hate being cold!!!

I have my own equipment costs of gym memberships that half the time you don't want to go actually pays for items to have at home where I actually use them.... I have a Tony Little gazelle which is my favorite to use.... I have a small portable elliptical trainer....... and I ordered a treadmill........ I have DVD's and resistance bands and weights so I'm covered to work on my own at home!

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MLAN613 SparkPoints: (213,886)
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1/6/13 10:40 A

I live in Minnesota and we get cold winters. (Anchorage, AK is often warmer than Minneapolis.) People go running outside year round, as I have. But there are plenty of other outdoor winter activities like skiing, sledding, skating, and snowshoeing. You will adjust to the cold and I encourage you to try something new outside.

However, I am glad you found something that is working for you now.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (327,151)
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1/6/13 1:52 A

You can join a gym, do video workouts, and use steppers, treadmills, and bow flex machines.

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SPARKER87 Posts: 366
1/5/13 9:59 P

Like I said....I don't have a car. otherwise I would just drive.

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AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (66,733)
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1/5/13 9:52 P

This is why I need to belong to a gym. The weather is just too bad here (wild winds and heavy rain) to exercise outside with any kind of consistency, even in the summer. I can't replace having a pool, a full set of weights and cardio machines with anything that I could put together at home. I'm in a small town with only one gym and I hate it...but I go anyhow.

Why don't you just drive to the gym? You don't have to walk there for the exercise to count. :)

You might take a look at Zumba DVDs...they are less boring than most exericise DVDs and they have enough content to keep you occupied for quite a while.

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DETOURWEST SparkPoints: (1,187)
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1/5/13 9:25 P

Have you tried yoga? You can find lots of yoga videos on you tube for free. There are a variety of styles and paces, some go slower, some faster. If you breathe right and hold the forms right it can be quite a workout. You don't need to buy anything, you can use blankets instead of yoga mats. The best clothing is kinda tight. As you move your body through the poses ~you don't want stuff flopping in your face or needing adjustment all the time. Best of luck!

SPARKER87 Posts: 366
1/5/13 9:17 P

Okay, so I recently moved from Hawaii to Montana. It's a total change; emotionally, physically, and mentally. I am so missing the sun right now. I know that by being in Montana that I have about four more months of winter.

I was used to the 24-hour fitness gym being a five minute walk away and open uh...24 hours. Now the gym here is about an hour walk away and it's FREEZING cold outside. You may think ''Oh, cold isn't so bad." --then you haven't lived in Montana, Siberia, or Alaska. And you have no idea what I'm talking about. The wind is one factor...the below freezing levels at 3pm is another. Also, I have no car. So...can't really drive there everyday...ugh...if I had a car!!

So...I bought myself one of those door-gyms. Hooks right onto your door and has about 80 different workouts. Now I have to figure out something to replace my two hours of elliptical and cycling. And don't tell me to ride a bike outside. lol. It's snowpacked and icy and that is just dangerous. I seriously live near the mountains. I just need an idea for cardio. I hate dvds..they get so boring after awhile. I did p90x for a month and was just bored to death after 30 days. I even picked up dancing and yoga dvds to mix it up and that's really hit and miss on quality. Help!

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