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12/2/11 12:06 A

My hubby plays it for hours on end (mostly his classic games) we have a number of fitness based games for the WII that we both enjoy using - I got Dance Dance Revolution for his birthday and well only thing we can use with it is the balance board because we lack the room for the dance pad (blasted thing take up more space then we have open).

I wonted the WII because it could be used in a compact area/space where as I've yet to find a DVD set could say the same - even the P90X which I enjoy needs more room then we really have open to us to use it in full, which is annoying.

To me both work depending on what it is you are into or looking for - persoanlly though I rather be out walking or riding my bike (but with winter on the way, snow on the ground in door stuff is where its at for the next several months to come).

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12/1/11 10:27 P

I'm partial to DVD's given the choice between the two. I haven't really played any fitness or sports game on the Wii that has been a really intense work out.

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11/28/11 11:26 P

There's a Wii one with Jillian Michaels, she yells a lot and my daughter likes to laugh at her yelling at me. I like the Wii fit for some of the yoga and kids play some of the games on it with me....I'm at the point right now, anything that has me moving is a step in the right direction! We also like the Just Dance games....gets you moving and has some fun music! :)

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11/28/11 3:02 P

It depends which one works for YOU. I personally don't use either I'd rather run emoticon

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11/28/11 2:10 P

I think they make a Biggest Loser video game for the wii.

VRS8440 Posts: 4,016
11/28/11 1:57 P

Both should be good

11/28/11 11:45 A

I just ordered a WII from BB (great deal 99.00). I am really going to try and lose the weight this time. I went to find a spot for it and noticed all my unused exercise dvd's. For those that have both, what do you like better and why. I am wondering if I should just take back the WII and dust off those dvd"s!! lol... Any special DVD or WII game that helped you the most with your weightloss? Thanks for your input!!!

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