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10/6/13 5:23 P

I'm not sure precisely what you mean by "out all night". If that means you didn't sleep much, it's possible that could be another factor. I find that being disciplined about resting makes a huge difference in my journey.

I also wonder, is weight really the goal? What a wonderful miracle that you were able to be so active! What a blessing that you made progress at home, and spent time with family! If you're not ready to celebrate your strength, I will do it for you! I'm not able to paint a house or stay out to decorate for fall. I'm glad that you're able to do it! Wishing you further progress and expressions of still greater strength!

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10/6/13 5:15 P

The more you exercise or active you are, the more fluid your muscles retain (glycogen stores). Nothing to worry about, it's just fluid retention.

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10/6/13 3:24 P

I think women's bodies are just weird like that. Mine does that, too.

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10/6/13 2:00 P

Yep- your muscles hold on to more water after an extended workout/more activity than normal. Track your patterns if you're going to weigh yourself frequently- it'll spike 1-3 days post more activity but should drop right back down after.

IGNITEME101 Posts: 7,105
10/6/13 1:44 P

Water weight gain, THOUGH TEMPORARY, could be a contributor. (Watch salt content.)
Also, building muscle weighs more than fatty tissue.
Don't get discouraged.
If we continue to do what is right, we will loose eight and inches!

10/6/13 1:27 P

I have been doing well with my diet and exercise. I have a very busy life, especially with work. So on the weekends I try to cram a lot of housework, yardwork, or just fun in with my husband.

so, WHY IS IT that when I am more active then ever (ie:go for a hike, walk a lot at an amusement park) I GAIN WEIGHT? Its not because I am eating more or less, or drinking differently. Its just after being busy ALL day doing something.

I would think walking 21,000 steps a day vs 8,000 would burn more, but it doesn't.

ANY IDEAS? I am so frustrated.

(This happened yesterday after we painted our house all day, and then stayed out all night decorating the yard for Halloween) I GAINED 4 pounds!!!!!! emoticon

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