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4/10/14 2:53 P

Well, yeah the hummus would naturally add protein and fat to satiate.

It's just some people think that to lose weight it has to be all low cal - like having a salad with tomato and low fat dressing for lunch will satisfy them until dinner 5 hours away. Hmmmm, not so much...add some grilled chicken, cheese or hardboiled egg to that salad, and chances are you can make that 5 hours...due to the added protein, and fat.

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4/10/14 2:35 P

But baby carrots with hummus are! That extra touch of fat and a little protein makes a big difference. A more fibrous/lower sugar vegetable would probably do even better. (I love it with broccoli, myself, which seems weird even to me, but I don't care.)

But yeah! Grab some ideas and then choose whatever appeals to you best and makes you feel best. If you feel better eating more food earlier and having a very small "dinner", then do that; if a really big lunch and no snacks suits you best, do that, and so on.

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4/10/14 1:43 P

Ok - so you are looking at a 7 hour gap.

Why not do 2 snacks..spaced out. You are eating lunch at have a small snack at 3, then another at 5.

Or a mini meal in between.

Think of things that will fill you up - PFF: Protein, Fat (good fat) and fiber.

A great snack: 2 Hardboiled eggs (about 180 cals), or an apple with 2 tbs peanut butter (about 300 cals)...stuff like that. Eggs have protein and and PB has protein, fat and fiber. String cheese is another good option for situations like this (or those baby bells). There are a lot of things along these lines.

And are you going to be on the go for this time, or at home and able to cook? That again, opens up even more options (mine were based on "on the go").

You need to think along those opposed to "I'm trying to diet and so my snack is going to be a bag of baby carrots". Yeah, baby carrots are great, but not filling.

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4/10/14 12:44 P

I am looking for suggestions, because I have a large time gap in between.

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4/10/14 12:39 P

Thanks for the link.

I like fruits and veggies but don't have a specific type of diet.

I am doing 30 mins of cardio every other day.

1200-1500 calories per day.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/9/14 4:23 P

Well, here are some snack suggestions :
, but otherwise this is too vague....

What kinds of foods do you like? Are you low carb? Vegetarian? Diabetic? Gluten free?

What kind of workout? 1 hour of cardio? Running 10 miles? 1/2 hour of yoga?

What is your calorie range per day? How much is allotted for this calorie wise?

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 24,442
4/9/14 3:34 P

Eat what YOU like... not what someone tells you to!

ANGELFACE_7 Posts: 5
4/9/14 3:10 P

My goal is to lose 30 lbs by August

Thank you for your suggestions!

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4/9/14 2:51 P

That depends on your BMR and your goals. Are you trying to lose weight or gain muscle.
I have found that snacks should be about 2-300 calories, cottage cheese with fruits is great. As or meals before a workout you should typically not have a big meal about 3-4 hours before working out, instead have it after to build muscle.

ANGELFACE_7 Posts: 5
4/9/14 2:06 P

What should I eat for lunch/snack prior to working out before a late dinner?

Breakfast 9am, Lunch 1pm, Dinner 8pm

Any help would be appreciated.

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