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Posts: 227
2/27/13 9:33 A

That makes sense....I don't need to be off-balance and fall.

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2/26/13 10:42 P

I am not a fitness expert, but I read something about these vests that makes a lot of "common sense" to me.

Using a weighted vest designed for that purpose is safer than improvising something such as a weighted backpack -- because the vest is designed to keep the weight close to your center of gravity and be distributed evenly about your body. Something like a weighted backpack puts all the weight on your back and could put abnormal stress on your back, resulting in injury. Other improvised weights could cause similar imbalances that could be risky.

Be careful, everybody.

Posts: 227
2/26/13 5:14 P

Creichel does it slow you down on the treadmill?

Posts: 106
2/26/13 3:54 P

I dont know where to get one but just wanted to comment on the uses. I am training for an extreme day hike next summer. The gym I go to has one available. So, I am using the weighted vest on the stair machine and on an incline tread mill. Closer to the hike I will start training with my day pack.

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Posts: 83
2/26/13 10:19 A

I didn't know they existed. I need to get one.

Posts: 438
2/25/13 6:37 P

Walmart and Dick's Sport.

Posts: 227
2/25/13 4:10 P

Well I need to get one then! yeah! Didn't know there was such a thing.

Posts: 550
2/25/13 3:31 P

Depending on how much weight you want to carry you can get really creative. I use a rucksack I got at an Army surplus store. I used to carry 80+ pounds in them when i was active duty, so I know they are strong enough to help. I pack it with books, strap up, then go for a walk or hike.

The extra weight increases your cardio effort and will also strengthen your legs and core so when you exercise without it you can really move. It's terrific for gaining strength and leg endurance if you are a 5K or 10K racer.

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Posts: 1,451
2/25/13 3:17 P

JRWELL58, I don't really walk with a weighted vest so am not exactly sure on the reasons for this, it would probably boost the intensity/exertion (just like carrying a load does) and the calorie burn but there might be other training reasons someone chooses to do this? I do know of a local university run exercise class that uses weighted vests to increase the intensity of bodyweight exercises to help prevent bone density loss. I suppose the idea is just to add resistance without holding weights in this case. Maybe walking with a vest might have bone density benefits? I have no clue on that, just a thought, not a suggestion.

I have a vest that is adjustable in weight up to 20 pounds. I mainly use it for strength training exercises (usually in addition to weights). I exercise at home with free weights, bodyweight or bands and sometimes I find I need more weight for my lower body but the increments of weight I have are too big a jump and I am not able to hold the ideal amount of weight in my hands so I use a weighted vest. The weights are 3/4 a pound each so it is easier to control the extra resistance (my hand weights--the smallest increase I can make is 5 pounds at a time per dumbbell) and then I get into issues where my weaker upper body limits the resistance for my stronger lower body. My guess is there are probably more than one possible purpose for a weighted vest. A lot of things Perform Better sells are items used by some athletes for their conditioning drills.

Mine does have that bulletproof vest look, so I would feel self conscious wearing it outside. I would probably opt for a weighted backpack as Zorbs suggested. :-)

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Posts: 227
2/25/13 2:43 P

Checked out the tell me the purpose of this.

Is the theory that you will burn more calories because of the extra weight?

Is ten pounds enough to make much difference?

Posts: 4,848
2/25/13 12:32 P has them.

Posts: 33
2/25/13 12:15 P

Dick's Sporting Goods definitely has them. I've also seen them at Walmart!

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2/24/13 6:26 P

if you want to look a bit less like a suicide bomber, you could use a backpack with some heavy items in it.

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Posts: 46,222
2/24/13 6:07 P

Below is a link to the Perform Better site. I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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Posts: 610
2/24/13 6:01 P

Does anyone know where I can buy a weight vest to wear when I walk? I am told it's a vest that has pockets and you can change out the weights. I am not sure what the weights look like either.

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