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12/2/12 10:31 A

I just start losing then they change my meds or i become imobile so i am a see saw I have lost 6lb in total over 3 yr and this week as i am imobile gained 1 also i dont eat enough calories as i like mosly fruit veg based meals so i need to work on this point

12/2/12 10:03 A

It really is all about "attitude" with weightloss, good post and good for you!

When I see people post non-medical reasons why they can't lose weight I just shake my head and think, "They haven't got the right attitude, yet."


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12/2/12 9:02 A

Istarted my diet because of my triglyceride level. I am 72 yrs. young and on April 3, 2012, went to Dr.'s and weighed 162 lbs. I had a so called pot belly and looked like I was pregnant. HA-HA. My doctor suggested a probotic diet and gave me some literature and started immediately. No bread, cookies, pies or pizza. No pop ( which adds to bloating ) then started an exercise program and walking. On June 9th went to Dr.'s and lost 19 lbs. which I was so glad and Dr. was very pleased. During the past few months I noticed a great difference in my attitide and myself. Even my muffin-top is gone. On October 15th went to Dr.'s again and lost another 26 lbs and weighed 119 lbs.. and my tryglyceride level fell from 229 to 200. As of today I now weigh 110 lbs.
I am not a Dr. but have patience with yourself. I figuredI lost .21 oz. per day. I haven't felt this good in years. Follow a diet but don't starve yourself and look at the calorie on packages. While drinking water don't use straws for that will add to bloating. Just take small sips and this will fill you up faster. GOOD LUCK in your efforts to keep yourselff healthy GOD BLESS YOU ALL & PATIENCE.

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