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PAG41989 SparkPoints: (2,953)
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1/25/13 10:21 A

Weekends are very hard for me. I usually end up eating less than I should since I am so busy and I go way below on my calorie count for the day then by dinner I am usually hungry and eat crap.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/25/13 9:25 A

Weekends can be tough. I agree, but I play this game--
My health doesn't know it is the weekend. My body doesn't know nor care that it is the weekend. Maybe my routine is different-- I can sleep in, i make a slightly different breakfast. maybe there is a evening or lunch out with friends. Sure i have errands to run. But it is just like any other day. Why treat the weekend differently than a M-Thursday? Your body doesn't know the difference. I still prepare my meals. i still eat them. maybe a little earlier, maybe a little later.
But I plan for it as well. I make sure I have fruits and veggies cut up in the car. I make sure I take time to sit and eat. I make sure i make time to exercise. I do that Monday thru thursday. What makes Friday night, saturday and sunday so special?

MARIHELEN SparkPoints: (137,996)
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1/25/13 8:46 A

Need to do that weekend re-commitment! So Spinning tomorrow and Endurance Training on Sunday.

Treats today - a facial and manicure - yummy!

1/19/13 9:58 P

Anytime you feel yourself slipping, take a quick walk around the block (weather permitting). Instead of eating, laundry, clean out that cabinet you've been meaning to sort through, dance, play a game on the Wii (if you have one). Avoid being still!

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (101,300)
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1/18/13 2:24 P

Sounds like a plan! Report back here on Tuesday and tell us how you did.

MARIHELEN SparkPoints: (137,996)
Fitness Minutes: (79,355)
Posts: 3,570
1/18/13 1:30 P

So--I am trying to be proactive so that I won't go calorie crazy over the weekend, especially since it's a long weekend for me.

Here are my commitments
Stay in calorie range
Fri - do a 30/30 class
Sat - go to spinning
Sun - endurance training
Mon - do a 30/30 class

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