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Thankyou. I will carry water from now on. emoticon

6/30/13 9:33 P

It depends on how hot it is, and what you're doing. I agree with the above suggestion to drink to thirst, at least. Don't wait until the end of your workout to drink; carry water with you and drink it as you go. I drink a LOT of water when working out. For a 45-minute walk/jog, I carry my 32 oz water bottle, plus I keep another 32 oz. in the car. I usually drink at least the entire 32 oz. bottle I carry, and I'm always grateful to have more in the car. I usually guzzle at least half of what's in the car on the way home. I bring more when it's hotter out, or if I plan to work out longer, just in case. I'd rather bring too much than not enough.

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6/30/13 8:47 A

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The general rule of thumb for hydrating during exercising is 8 ounces every 15-20 minutes.

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How much water should I drink when walking in the hot sun,?

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