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3/4/11 7:05 A


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3/1/11 12:39 A


HGSGUY SparkPoints: (173,721)
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2/28/11 9:27 P

Generic store brand old man vitamins!

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2/26/11 5:47 P


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2/25/11 12:31 P

I take a Centrum Silver multivitamin and a calcium supplement

FITPRO77 Posts: 1,821
1/10/11 9:18 A

b-complex and yohimbe to keep me young, lol.

TURCOTTEP SparkPoints: (22,100)
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1/10/11 8:11 A

I take Bioten and Saw Palmeto. The rest I get from the Spark Diet.

ODDLOTS Posts: 213
1/9/11 12:56 P

Definitely check with your doc or RD.

Personally, I take a vegetarian multi when I remember. Honestly, I probably get most of what I need from my diet and I'm sure 99% of the pills end up excreted, but I tend to feel better and have a little more energy when I'm taking them consistently.

MALLEUSMIKE Posts: 1,006
1/9/11 11:44 A

My doctor told me that taking a good quality multivitamin is fine.

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1/8/11 6:44 P

I just take a couple vitamins myself as I feel I can obtain most from my diet, When it comes to vitamin D, iodine, and fish oil I supplement. I keep my D3 levels between 60 to 70ng/ml year round. It typically takes 6000ius for me to do that.

I learned how to take and test D3 hormone levels correctly from Dr Davis.

DOUG_HAAS Posts: 452
1/7/11 12:11 A

just a multi

ROCK_CLIMBER2 Posts: 328
1/6/11 10:59 P

Definitely talk to your doctor about. Mine said to take just a plain multivitamin for now

1/6/11 10:18 P

None. Dr. said I did not need them because I eat a healthy diet. Talk to your dr.

REJOHNSON3 Posts: 21,145
1/6/11 9:57 P

In the morning I take a multivitamin, 500 mg Vitamin C, and 2000 mg Vitamin D.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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1/6/11 9:20 P

I take a multi and some fish earl. What are you SUPPOSED to take, I'll agree with GP, ask your doc.

1/6/11 3:53 P

I take a multivitamin with vitamin B for energy and I take vitamin C. I used to take a multivitamin for men, but my Dr said it was pointless at my age. The only difference the men's vitamin has is extra vitamins for your prostate, which I aparently dont have to worry about until later in my mid 30's

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1/6/11 3:19 P

I take a One a Day Men's health.

BIGBUCS Posts: 406
1/6/11 2:38 P

I take COQ10, Fish Oil, Liquid Multivitamin, Gloucosamin, Calcuim, and a Probiotic daily.

1/6/11 2:29 P

I take a multivitamin.

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1/6/11 1:40 P

Your doctor is the only one who can really answer that. Different men need different things. A daily multivitamin usually won't hurt you, but keep in mind you'll probably piss out 80% of the vitamin content.

You do need to be careful with what you take without doctors advice. There can be such a thing as "too much" of certain vitamins. Especially depending on your genetics and current health. Also keep in mind, a good healthy diet usually provides the majority of vitamins your body needs.

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1/6/11 1:25 P

What vitamins should I take daily?

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