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WINNAWOLF Posts: 351
7/10/12 11:08 A

thank you. I see a NP at our insurance clinic and a nutritionist and they told me what vitamins to start and how much but when I went to the pharmacist @king sooper- he told me any cheap vitamin will work and I don't need any supplements (like fish oil, ext) I go back to my NP and she disagrees. We have to use king sooper because of the insurance coverage has "chosen" them. I REALLY dislike king sooper pharm. but I will take my meds into another pharm. and ask them if they could at least help me. All I can do is ask. Thanks for your in put!! I appreciate it.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,573
7/10/12 5:37 A

You've gotten some great advice. Your local pharmacist would be happy to help answer those questions, and would be the best resource for correct information.

Coach Jen

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
7/10/12 1:29 A

It would be a good idea to put ALL of your medications, vitamins, over-the-counter things, and any herbs you might take all into a paper bag and take them with you any time you go to a doctor, and also any time you go to the pharmacy to pick up a new prescription. That way the doctor and pharmacist can sort of check each others' work-- the doctor could forget some of the things you're taking and give you a prescription that shouldn't mix with them, but if you take the bag for the pharmacist to see, s/he'll catch the mistake and call the doctor to check.

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7/10/12 12:23 A

This is really the sort of thing you should be asking your doctor/pharmacist. No one here could (or should!) give you that sort of advice. I don't know about where you live, but here you can go into pretty much any pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist about drug interactions and such.

WINNAWOLF Posts: 351
7/10/12 12:07 A

Can I take enalapril (for HBP) with hydrochlorothiazide (water pill)? I know I can't take it (enalapril) with vitamins. Is it OK to take it with asprin, motrin? How about taking it with niacin? I take my thyroid pill @ 5:30am with a glass of water, then nothing for an hour. It is difficult to find a time for every pill so I was just wandering. Thanks.

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