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Food manufacturers are not required to list potassium and magnesium therefore if you tend to eat a lot of packaged foods you may see that you come up short in these two minerals. That being said, you never want to take any supplements, especially potassium to make up for your shortage. The reason, too much potassium can cause a dangerous heart arrhythmia which can lead to a dire situation. If you feel you need to supplement, PLEASE talk with your doctor first. Just because they are over-the-counter does not mean they are safe.

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I don't track mine because they aren't listed in all nutritional information. Where it comes to calcium, I use Soy Milk but it is calcium enriched, and have yoghurt and cottage cheese fairly regularly, but I also take a small amount of Calcium supplement, prescribed by my Dr.

I eat loads of fruit and veges, whole-grains, and some healthy oils, so shouldn't be deficient in the other nutrients.


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If you are tracking foods that have been input from other members, they may not have bothered entering in the vitamin info....a lot of the times the info entered is focused mostly on calories, fat, protein, and carbs since those are the four standard measurements the nutrient tracker will default to giving you. For example, lots of the foods i have entered I haven't bothered about the vitamins so if you entered something that I had input (or that another spark member input with the same mindset) the vitamins would come up as zero even though the foods probably do have certain vitamins. I (and probably lots of others) just never bothered to enter them. So if you want to track vitamins it might be easiest (though time consuming) to enter every single food yourself instead of searching and using the suggestions that come up to make sure the vitamins are being counted.

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Does anyone track the vitamins and minerals they take daily. I come up so low on calcium, magnesium and potassium. If you do add these is there a way I'm not seeing?

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