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12/11/12 9:59 P

and maybe a chiropractor...I had feet and ankle pain and drs kept telling me it was because I was pre-diabetic. They had me continue exercise for YEARS through the pain. A friend recommended a chiropractor and in just a few months...I had very little problem with my feet and ankles.

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12/11/12 1:03 P

It sounds like you may need to visit your doctor and get a good exam and probably some diagnostics done for your feet, ankles and knee. Sounds like you may have some orthopedic conditions that need medical treatment.

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12/11/12 12:22 P

Do you have any other significant sources of Calcium in your daily diet? Kudos for being so active; I think that's very beneficial.

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12/11/12 6:02 A

calcium won't do anything for your joints and as mentioned additional calcium runs the risk of kidney stones if you're not deficient. Most people get adequate calcium but lack magnesium. It sounds like you may have heel-spurs - you should get it checked by a health professional. There are some supplements that may help such as MSM, but there's no guarantee with them - some find they work and for others they do nothing. I would encourage you to do your own research regarding supplements. Omega 3 EFAs are another supp that helps some people - even if it doesn't help your joints it's still beneficial for overall health

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12/10/12 10:39 P

We cannot advise you on this - you need to see your Dr to be checked. You also need to discuss supplements with your Dr BEFORE you take them. TOO MUCH calcium from supplements can cause heart problems in certain people, too much in general can cause Kidney Stones and many other conditions. A lot of people take them when not needed. They can interact with certain medications.

It is one thing to THINK you are lactose intolerant, but the reality could be quite different. I DO have a problem with milk, but I use Soy Milk with calcium added. A lot of alternative milks don't have this. Unfortunately many people stop consuming certain food groups for no good reason other than what they think, as opposed to what they KNOW! Altho' I generally cannot drink milk, I can tolerate very small amounts occasionally. Any more then I end up with abdominal pain and severe bloating. This doesn't mean that I can't eat yoghurt or cheese, because that doesn't affect me, and nor does it affect a lot of others, UNLESS they are ALLERGIC to dairy (like my little grandson.) IF you think that you have an issue with intolerances or allergies, perhaps you should ask your Dr for allergy tests, and then if need be, get referred to a registered Dietitian for a Nutrition plan.


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12/10/12 9:33 P

The knee cracking was arthritis for me.. and calcium does not do anything for that.

Are you calcium deficient? Too much can be a problem too....

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12/10/12 9:06 P

I exercise regularly (3-5 times a week) mixed with running, other cardio, and weights. However I am finding that my heels hurt at times, my ankle feels some pain at certain movements, and my knee sounds like its cracking when I exercise. I do stretch and do some yoga also to keep things limber. My question is this: In addition to a women's One a Day vitamin, should I consider taking another calcium supplement to help my bones. I am 31 years old and have never been able to drink milk (don't like the taste and I think I am partly lactose intolerant).

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