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4/2/14 12:24 A

I totally agree with Becky re going to your Dr.

It is quite possible that the problem you are suffering from is NOT related to nutrition, but rather the exercise. If your Dr can't find the problem, It might be a good idea to ask for a referral to a Registered Physiotherapist or go to a Gym with a fully qualified personal trainer and ask to be assessed for the way you do your exercises, including warm-ups and cool-downs. It could also be that the exercise isn't right for your level of fitness.

Good luck,

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4/1/14 9:38 P

Yes there are individual vitamins and minerals that tend to "fight" and may somewhat decrease the absorption of the other.

Iron and calcium is a good example.

Citrus fruits (vitamin C) can actually help with iron absorption.

An excessive amount of fiber can decrease iron absorption too.

Now regarding your specific symptoms---this site, our experts and our members can not make a recommendation regarding your supplement needs. Please see your doctor.

your SP Registered Dietitian

4/1/14 6:17 P

i found this:

Those are a lot of "rules." I take a dmv in the morning.
from the article:

Citrus and iron are fine. But don't take calcium supplements with iron because iron isn't absorbed as well. if you take a separate calcium, take that in the evening.

But that is for the average Joe. Having bypass you should have received special instructions.

Looking at a quick search, you should be working closely with your doctor, much more is involved.

Here is a sample patient schedule:

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4/1/14 5:51 P

I have lab work done every six months because of my gastric bypass however everyone is missing the point to my question was are there any vitamins that you can't take together when you're eating a citrus item because for whatever reason it sticks in my mind that you're not supposed to take an iron pill when you're eating such citrus items. But I don't know if that's an old wives tale or if that's just me remembering something that's true.

I only listed the vitamins that I'm currently taking in case anyone actually knew... And they are all approved by my doctor already

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4/1/14 5:21 P

How often do you have bloodwork drawn?

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4/1/14 4:49 P

Like the PP said, after gastric bypass only your doc should be changing your medicines around. Potassium, in particular is problematic because it directly affects cardiac rhythm and function. Please check with your doc. You would need to have labs drawn to detect any serious deficiencies in Potassium or Magnesium and ANY supplementation should be done under your doctor's orders.

MCMASTER1205 Posts: 20
4/1/14 4:25 P

The comment about taking more potassium and magnesium was in reference to the current cramping/tightness in my legs but my doctor already has me on all of these because of my gastric bypass.

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4/1/14 4:07 P

Since you have had gastric bypass. You should talk to your doctor about which vitamins you need and how to take them.

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4/1/14 3:19 P

" Someone told me that I need to take more potassium and magnesium"

Was that someone your doctor?
You should not be taking those minerals unless you have a deficiency that is not met through food.

I know of no vitamins that cannot be taken together. They are all together in a multi-vitamin!

MCMASTER1205 Posts: 20
4/1/14 11:34 A

I know that you aren't supposed to take certain vitamins together as it voids them out but I can not for the life of me find anything online. I have had gastric bypass so I really try to make sure I am getting all that I need but have noticed lately a tightness in my calves when I exercise. It almost feels like a constant Charlie horse in my right calf and the other day there was a pop and I felt like I pulled it. Someone told me that I need to take more potassium and magnesium but here is currently what I take:
Centrum Specialist (Energy) Multivitamin
Vitamin D3 - 1000IU
Magnesium 250MG
Iron 50MG
B12 6000MCG

Just looking for insight on the vitamins because I remember someone once telling me you shouldn't take a certain vitamin when you eat citrus fruits (grapefruit) and you shouldn't take two specific ones at the same time!!

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