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11/15/13 7:42 A

SODIUM: The higher sodium usually comes from processed foods. Look at your food selections, which are showing the highest sodium amount--canned soups, boxed mixes, deli meats, dill pickles? These are the items you will want to limit and find alternatives for.

POTASSIUM: Since potassium is not a nutrient listed on most labels, it is missing from the listing for most foods that have been entered by our SP members. So, you are probably getting much more than your report shows. Focus on getting 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies (which are high in potassium) daily to help assure adequate potassium intake. If your doctor has not told you to be concerned about a "specific" amount of potassium, then don't get overly concerned.

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11/15/13 3:52 A

Potassium is something I focus heavily on and even then, I rarely hit my goal.
Apparently most people don't.
I eat a banana every day and I eat spinach every day. I often eat a kiwi or 2 as well.
At this point if I get close I try to be satisifed with that.
I focus on potassium because of leg cramps at night. Getting an adequate amount helps immensely.

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11/14/13 9:48 P

Unfortunately, many food labels do not include the potassium unless it is substantial. I have never met those levels so I just focus on eating lots of veggies period. Do a USDA food search for those foods high in potassium and go from there. As for salt, I find that to get the right amount of calcium will send my salt over the edge as it is in most dairy products. Just avoid the processed foods and the salt shaker.

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11/14/13 7:49 P

It seems like I never can get the right mix of vitamins and other nutrients. I am always too low on potassium and almost always high on salt. Of course there are almost an infinite number of others, but those two seem to plague me the most after carbs, fats, and proteins. Have you got any tips?

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