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3/14/14 8:48 A

I like to take at least 5000IU/day on days I don't get enough sun.

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3/13/14 12:36 P

i take about 5000 a day since i sit inside most of the day. HOwever in the summer I do cut that quite a lot since i can get it mostly from Mr. Sun (which has really been playing hide and seek this winter)

I was further told by my doctor that you can't really OD on vitamin D. (you would need to take an awful lot) When I am not feeling well, he usually has me taking an upwards of 50K IU for two or three days. Once i feel better i go back down to my 5k.

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3/12/14 7:28 P

I take 400iu a day for about 5-6 months - winter - when I'm not getting any sun.

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3/12/14 2:34 P

I agree with the PP.

I take Vitamin D as I have a doctor-verified deficiency. I had a short-term prescription that she gave me and now I supplement with D3 1000IU twice a day per her recommendation.

Too much vitamin D can be toxic though. I would not take vitamin D supplements without a doctor's advice. You can get vitamin D through foods like whole eggs, fortified milk, and some seafood. And, of course, my favorite way... emoticon

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3/12/14 1:23 P

The last official recommendation I saw was 600IU for adults with a tolerable upper limit being 1000IU. Since Vitamin D is fat soluble it won't be flushed easily from the body and you should really only take an excess if recommended by a doctor to treat a deficiency.

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3/12/14 12:38 P

Care to post a link?

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3/12/14 11:39 A

I recently read that it has been determined that people should take more Vitamin D than previously determined. 1,000 IU is suggested.

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