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2/21/14 7:49 P

Becky, thanks again. That puts my mind at ease. So many things are fortified with D these days.

And thanks Ecotech. I appreciate the info...that's good to know.

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2/21/14 7:37 P

Another thing to remember with Vitamin D is that it's a fat-soluble vitamin. There are four of those: A, D, E, and K. Those four can build up to unsafe levels in the body. Other vitamins and most minerals, if taken in excess, will simply be expunged from your body. Those four are not.

With those, I'd be pretty careful to have my healthcare team monitor your base level, and any supplemental amounts you might be tempted to take.

2/21/14 6:22 P

400 IU is 100%
So 400% would be 1600 IU.
So you are still well below the Tolerable Upper Intake Level (for a healthy adult) which is set at 4000 IU.

Hope this helps

JODYANNA Posts: 411
2/21/14 5:39 P

Thanks, Becky. My tracker says I should have 100- 150%, and I'm wondering of what. I generally go way over (400+) and that's from the D that's been added to everything else. I don't take a Vitamin D supplement.

2/21/14 4:23 P

As the Registered Dietitian for Sparkpeople, I rely on the information put forth by the Institute of Medicine and the US Office on Dietary Supplements:

As you will see the Upper Intake for a "healthy adult" is set at 4000 IU for vitamin D.

A higher intake may be recommended by ones physician if one is diagnosed with low vitamin D stores.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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2/21/14 2:52 P


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2/21/14 2:37 P

JODYANNA Posts: 411
2/21/14 2:33 P

Can anyone tell me how much D is too much D?

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