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BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
9/9/12 4:22 P

To see the beauty of who you are and what you can, as you work on a daily plan to get there is an awesome thing. See, do, obtain. Best wishes to all. emoticon

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 57,698
9/8/12 8:44 A

Sparkcoach has some but you can also create your own by cutting out and/or using pictures of things or people that show you where you want to be and by collecting inspirational messages (SP also has tons of those) and putting them on a physical board or poster. You can sign up for one of those "saying of the day" things that are available. You can simply close your eyes and IMAGINE yourself when you are at your ideal HEALTH - weight, strength, etc. doing things you don't, can't or won't do at your current weight and/or strength.

9/7/12 10:48 P

I don't have any but I do believe in the power of such. Anyone have references for where to find visualizations?

FARIS71 Posts: 492
9/7/12 7:18 P

I did the spark coach trial and they had some great visualizations. I truly believe they are so powerful. Of course that didn't really help me too much today - but overall I love to use that positive visualization.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 57,698
9/7/12 5:46 P

That is a great VISUALIZATION - seeing YOU SEEING where you are heading is a great image.

IFEOMA4 SparkPoints: (10,310)
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Posts: 103
9/7/12 4:33 P

The way i see it, i may not have attained my goal but i keep seeing with my mind's eye where i want to get to.

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