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8/31/11 7:04 P

All very good advice.

I had planned out well in advance. That's why I bought the take along food and protein shakes. I think when we arrive, I will make a quick trip to the local store and at least pick up a few salad items. I don't even have to concern myself that if I leave it at my sister's house anyone else would even think of eating it! Her house is a Twinky laden mine field.

I plan to sit with my Mom at the nursing home most of my days, and avoid going into my sisters kitchen if at all possible. I do well when the snack foods are not readily available but knowing there's a kitchen FULL of sweets and a candy dish in the living room has made me determined to use this as a time to prove to myself that I can make good choices even when I am surrounded by bad ones. That has to be a part of learning to live differently.

I really love the community aspect of Spark. Thanks guys for taking your time to care for a stranger!

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8/31/11 6:53 P

Great that you know what you are having each night - and have some control over breakfast, lunch and snacks. That puts you in a much better position than normal when you visit people.
At least you can track your food in advance and work out how much you can have of the dinner meals.

As someone suggested, if you could somehow get a salad in with each dinner, that would be great. Even just a couple of carrots etc cut into strips.
Drink only calorie free drinks - water!!
Try to limit your portions of the unhealthy food.
Try to get some exercise - even just initiating a walk with some of the family would be good.

And don't panic. SP tells us that we are learning how to live our lives in a healthier way. That means that sometimes we are going to not be able to stick 100% to our healthy ideals. Do what you can, and get straight back to healthy eating as soon as its possible.
But have a great weekend too!

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8/31/11 6:25 P

Try to get in some exercise while you are there that will help too. When eating at other's I have been know to eat lots of veggies and a very small portion of the unhealthy items. On pizza night you could suggest maybe having a salad with it. Good luck and rememeber it is only a weekend and if you splurge a little it will be okay,.

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8/31/11 5:41 P

"My sister has laready informed me that we are having KFC one night, pizza another, and subs the third night."

As you mentioned, you can pull off the skin with the KFC.
Pizza is a great food... just eat a slice or two.
Subs don't HAVE to be bad. Can you pick what you want on it?

8/31/11 4:34 P

We are visiting my family this coming weekend. We have spent most of my budgeted amount just to drive there and stay in a hotel (can't stay in smoke filled, cat filled houses - Allergies) I have no extra money to spend on food and my entire family makes very poor food choices.

My sister has laready informed me that we are having KFC one night, pizza another, and subs the third night. My husband and I spent our food budget purchasing healthy snacks and protein shakes to have for breakfast and lunch, but we will be "stuck" with whatever my sister serves for dinner.

I can pull the skin off of chicken, but the rest of this has me concerned. Ideas? Suggestions for not arriving home heavier than when I left?

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