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25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,108
11/17/11 8:41 A

That's just the idea though - you make it your own, and if you want to do something with audio, go ahead. I saw somebody's on SparkPeople, that was a video with five separate pages set to music.

If you don't have magazines, try images off your camera or even the internet. Pinterest is a great site for ideas as well.

I guess if you are an audio person instead of a visual one, then rig something up so that when you open your fridge, you hear the words "what healthy snack will help your goals today", or something along those lines.

Just some ideas!

GAMMALEAK Posts: 221
11/16/11 11:20 P

I haven't made mine yet. I'm not sure I'm going to. My biggest problem is this: I can't think of many images that inspire me, etc. I sat down and thought about it one day and realized that I'm really more of an audio guy when it comes to feeling inspired (e.g,. grand Wagnerian orchestral pieces) than a visual guy.

Also... who buys magazines anymore? emoticon

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,108
11/16/11 9:32 P

Have you made your vision collage yet? It's a powerful way to stay on track with your goals, because seeing images of where you want to end up, can be very helpful with your planning on how to get there.

If you need some help, here is a link to get started:

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