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6/28/14 9:01 P

5 pounds would be an excess intake of 17,500 calories over your maintenance needs for the week.

Could some of this gain be due to hormonal changes, fluid changes, retaining water??

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Not a clue what Visalus Shakes are even....but they sound like some kind of "diet" food. Ditch them!! Save your money...!

Eat regular, healthy meals that you can live with for the rest of your LIfe instead. Really now---how long does it take to have a bowl of whole grain cold cereal & milk for breakfast?? Or a serving of cottage cheese or low fat yogurt?? Hard boil some eggs the evening before, and grab a banana.....

Add fruits and veggies during your day until you get enough fiber--your digestive track will thank you! Drink water so you are not thirsty! Watch your Carb intake, your protein levels, and include healthy fats in your meals. Its really quite easy to do this, and there is a lot of great information here on Spark. Welcome to the Journey to a healthy Life!!

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I started using just the shakes this week. I wanted something easy for me as I only have about 10 minute for breakfast and lunch due to my crazy schedule. The shakes were best for me as I could just have the shake and feel full as I don't have time to make a meal. I looked into both Visalus and Isagenix but I decided to go with Visalus, I started my first week and have GAINED 5 pounds. I worked out 5 out of the 7 days. So I am not sure why I have gained this much weight? can anyone help. I originally just had 10 pounds to loose but now I have 15!

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